2 North American Guilds looking for ACTIVE players

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Foundlings of Mandalore
(This is a New Guild so our numbers are low)
Warriors of Mandalore
(Some members moved to Foundlings, Spots open)

Foundlings of Mandalore is our guild for new players to learn and grow. They will share the discord with The Warriors of Mandalore where they can get advice, and chat with more experienced players.

Warriors of Mandalore is a group of very friendly, mostly F2P players working hard to help each other progress through the game, while realizing real-life commitments absolutely come first. We currently stand at **154.5Mil GP**.

The ideal player will:
- be at least 2.5M GP for Warriors of Mandalore
- for Foundlings of Mandalore new players are Welcome.
- strive for at least 400 tickets a day
- actively participate in Territory Battles
- join Territory Wars when you can and participate
- use both Discord and in-game chat for communication

Raids: for Foundlings of Mandalore, TBD

Raids: for Warriors of Mandalore
All raids have a 24-hour join period and launch at 5:30PM PT / 8:30PM EST. (We are working on a rotating schedule)
Pit: Heroic Simmed
Tank: Heroic Simmed
Sith: Heroic (Free for all)

Territory Battles: For Warriors of Mandalore
We currently can do around 41 stars for LS Hoth.
We currently can do around 18 stars for DS Geo. Plus 14 WAT shards
We are working to increase these numbers.

Territory War: For Warriors of Mandalore
We encourage everyone to join, and we ask that if you do join that you participate in defense and/or offense.

Rules: For both Guilds
- be friendly and treat everyone with respect
- participate as much as possible
- let us know if you’re going to be unavailable for a stretch.

Any questions or to Join either guild please enter our Recruiting Discord
Contact AnthonyTrenor in game at 747-476-579, Discord at AnthonyTrenor#4429
Contact AikoTheWicked in game at 315-872-932, Discord at AikoTheWicked#3324
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