Greef zetas

I’m working on Mando and Greef to add to my BH team and I was wondering about zetas. I gave mando his zeta but I’m wondering how good are Greef’s? I’ve heard that sweeten the deal should be the first and that one seems like it’s probably worth it. What about bring them in cold?

Not sure if it’s relevant but I use Bossk lead, mando, boba, Jango, and now replacing Dengar with Greef


  • I have the same squad and I gave Greef both zetas. Sweeten the deal is definitely the better of the two, but I’d recommend both
  • SithVicious
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    I would recommend both as well. Keep in mind bring them in cold is boosting damage for 3 attackers with that squad. Him and Mando make having a BH squad fun again. That team is a strong counter to multiple teams so you’ll probably be using them a lot. I never put them on D anymore.
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  • RTS
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    Also - get your Aurra Sing up, she's a better offensive lead than Bossk many times
  • Sanderzas
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    The cleanse from greef (I don't remember the name) is definetely the best of the 2, but the other is also a really good one. If you want to use mando and greef, I'd give both zeta's to greef, and indeed use aurra sing as leader
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