GAS recovering protection against SEE

Hello there.
During Grand Arena, used SEE to solo Gas/501st (as usual) and found something weird. I linked Gas and Echo, Gas used a turn and then stand down. But then, Gas starts to recover protection and stand up twice during the battle. (Never seen that before)
Did anyone have the same issue ? Gas shouldn’t get up with full protection as he loses his max protection from SEE link.
Running R7 See against, G12 Gas and full relic 501st. This will probably cost me this GAC round.


  • UdalCuain
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    If GAS goes into Cover before Linked causes him to lose all his max protection, he can recover all his remaining protection.

    1) GAS has 100,000 protection.
    2) SEE links GAS and Echo, gaining retribution (important) .
    3) GAS takes turn, leaving him with 20,000 max protection.
    4) SEE counter attacks, doing damage greater than 20,000
    5) GAS enters cover
    6) As he still had Max Protection remaining (20% of what he had at the start - 20,000) he recovers 2,000 Protection at the start of each units turn.

    This is all working as intended. You need to make sure GAS and his Linked ally take a turn each to make sure GAS loses all his Max Protection so that he stays Bricked in Cover.
  • MikKro
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  • HugoDavid
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    Thanks UdalCuain, understood. Makes sense. Probably the fact that he only have 53K protection made this harder for me..
    thanks again
  • MemeMaster
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    If you have this happen repeatedly, link him with rex first as Rex will no doubt take a turn, followed by GAS.
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