Canderous wai in conquest?

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OR characters are supposed to deal true damage to everyone with a dot. Imo they aren’t supposed to apply their basic abilites‘ context to everyone, who gets damaged by that, i.e. Canderous inflicting dots on everyone, who a dot already. What‘s right here?
Also, this conquest feels so much harder than the last. Is there some truth to it or not?
Would like to get some developer statement here.
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  • Artumas
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    This conquest is identical to the last, you just probably have worse disks, or messed up your mods somewhere/aren't mod swapping as much. Or got overall tougher RNG enemy teams.

    I'm at 403/425 for maxing out hard already. Trust me, it's not more difficult than last time at all. Just the RNG of conquest being the RNG of conquest.

    Canderous, meanwhile, I refuse to accept as working as intended.
    But it's absolutely hilarious fighting him with GL Rey, because his TM gain just breaks her so she hits everyone for 10s of millions with her ult.
  • BioHazard
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    You might want to read the text again. The text says when they use a basic ability, they deal unavoidable true damage to everyone. Canderous doesn’t apply dots on his basic, his applies them on his unique, Mandalorian Veteran. His unique says “when Canderous deals damage to an enemy, he applies a damage over time effect for two turns.”

    This is WAI, has been since the first OR Galactic Challenge with the same modifier.
  • BioHazard
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    The thing that isn’t WAI about Canderous is his turn meter gain on damaged enemies that aren’t suffering a dot. That hasn’t been WAI since his release I think.
  • Bl4ckDe4th
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    K, thanks for the hints. Completely missed his unique
    This one just feels so hard. I didn‘t get any of the tm gain data disks this time, because they hurt SLKR so much, jot sure, if that has such a big impact
    And last time I used my Triumvirate to beat Ewoks, when they had like 20 or 30% stamina and this time I failed with 100%
    I also can‘t go first anywhere, if I don‘t use a GL (with effectively 390 speed troopers for example)
    I‘m trying to get the no attacker feat done and it‘s so f‘n hard making progress on the map at the same time
  • Moorebid
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    @Bl4ckDe4th I hear you... Anything less than a GL can't go first this time, no matter what.
    I suppose the discs are a little different than last time, but they all start overprepared.
    I've faced teams that must've had 400+ speed.
  • Ryconnan
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    I have non GL teams going first. JKR team, Dr team for example. It’s working exactly like last time no harder for sure as I am done and my alt nearly is.
  • Vendi1983
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    Stack some Leaders Resolve cards and be done with it. Or just CLS almost every node.
  • Sanderzas
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    I did almost all the battles with jkr and yoda or vader
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