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Oof...some of the refreshed character model's portraits are not flattering. (I'm looking at you Ahsoka, Scav Rey and Farm Luke). Does anyone else think the proportions in portrait make their heads look strange?
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  • Yeah, the heads look too big in the portraits.
  • Artumas
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    I think most of them are fine, scav rey's makes GL rey's look way better, but that JKA, Farmboy luke and Scav rey's look like they were cropped really badly and old ben's looks like he has a professional light source behind him making him glow.

    I like KRU's, but it threw me off when I first opened squad arena lol.
    I LOVE JKA's actual model though.
  • CrispyFett
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    Yea, kru looks more like slkr adam driver now. Jka definitely looks more like Hayden. Just need to tweak the portraits. Also, AT doesn't look like her from CW
  • Mi114
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    Ahsoka is taken from the live action model in Mandalorian season 2 episode 11(probably). Though that character should be Ahsoka fulcrum or a new character Ahsoka the babysitter Ezra finder. Just a joke.
  • The characters look cool, but the portraits need a little tweaking.
  • Ravens1113
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    Rey’s portrait makes her look like Hector Hammond from Green Lantern....woof!
  • jr8972686
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    I really like Old Ben's but Anakin and Scav Rey need to be reverted or re-done. Good lord those look terrible.
  • hey Devs can we get new pic for Young Han solo, its SO bad...
    No. Just No.
  • farmhand luke like like bad guy from karate kid lol
    No. Just No.
  • Nikoms565
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    I think we need a forehead nerf on Scav Rey. And what's with plastic-hair Luke?

    I'm not usually one to complain about art, but...

    ETA : Nice work on old Ben.
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  • dalosto147
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    Rey portrait looks like old Robocop without helmet.
    Ahsoka and JKA are terrible too.
  • Anakin is fine. ashoka needs to go back to drawing board tho. terrible.
    No. Just No.
  • The Rey and Ashoka portraits don’t look the best, but I’ll give CG the benefit of the doubt this time. Redesign is hard. I do like the other portraits. Awesome work with Old Ben, CG art division.
  • TargetEadu
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    I wonder if they reused SLKR/GL Rey/JKL to make KRU/Rey/Farmboy... that could explain why the proportions are off so much.

    Fine to do (especially compared to all those idle animations...) but a reason.
  • KorAgaz
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    The models (bar Ashoka's and Luke's) look much better now.

    The portraits on the other hand... Something went wrong there, they're completely different than the game's style (most portraits are "bust-like" and don't show only the head) and thus look really off. Not to mention some of them (eg Rey's) look like bad crop jobs.
  • Mikek
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    I dont have any real issues with the models itself but i agree most portraits look horrible.
  • GA_Phoenix
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    Yeah, the new portraits are the worst thing ive seen so far in this game. Snips is an okay but the rest is ... :confounded:

    But no offense ... most of the new models are great.
    Besides Anakin ... his proportions seams to be wrong. His ungloved hand is way to big for his head. Maybe its just a perspective thing but for me it looks wrong.

    Lets rename the game in Galaxy of Monsters.

    Featuring Frankenrey and Shrunken Head Anakin :lol:
  • grandadmiraljay
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    the others are alright but....
    old ben's head is a little too big and such (me personally prefer his old art) and ahsoka. I understand they want to make it look like Rosario Dawson's Ahsoka on mando but I think it's better for them to make the model to mimic Rosario when they release ahsoka from mando or the new tv show. But again it's good for them to remodel the old characters with updated designs
  • The portraits on SWGOH have never been good compared to the rest of the game, and except Old Ben, the new ones are no exception. Scav reminds me of the type of old porcelain dolls shown on horror movies. With GL Rey in mind - someone at CG must really hate Daisy Ridley :D
    It's fine they update Ahoka's face with her actor, but why not Fulcrum as well? Having the 2 youngest versions (incl. the upcoming Commander Ahsoka) having the face of the actor portraying the currently oldest version of her, but not the version in-between, is just lazy.
    The models are all great though
  • Mattysvk
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    If i may add my opinion...

    New character models are seriously better - really good work. But the portraits? Different artstyle, unecessary closeups and it feels like a bad photoshop, where the heads doesn´t blend nturaly with the background. Old Ben and Ahsoka are relatively ok (still too big heads), but Anakin, Luke, Rey and Kylo... weird.

    Capital Games, fix it please.
  • NicWester
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    Yeah, look, I don't complain about much because I'm a reasonable person, but, uh, these headshots..... Oooof....

    To be positive--the models are top notch, and even the updated ability button artwork is awesome, such a nice touch. But those extreme close-up heads are not a good look. These characters are, rightly, the characters you're going to give to new players first. You want them to SHINE. As is, everything except the portraits shines, which makes the portraits even worse by comparison. Got to put your best foot forward!
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  • Legend91
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    Depressive Anakin
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  • BryGuy2k
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    Yeah the scale is definitely wrong - the other portraits include shoulders (except for wampa).

    Some of the funky highlights also make them look like aliased fan art (Stick Rey, and Anakin).

    I think they need to adjust the scale to match the rest and most of the weirdness will go away.
  • GA_Phoenix
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    I hope all problems will be solved when the final Update goes live.

    The new Kru scares me in fleet battles :sweat_smile:

  • BryGuy2k
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    GA_Phoenix wrote: »
    I hope all problems will be solved when the final Update goes live.

    The new Kru scares me in fleet battles :sweat_smile:


    Galaxy of Horrors.
  • GA_Phoenix
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    Oh, I forgott ...

    I can life with the new face from Snips but not with her green lightsaber taped on her right hand. Thats awful :grimace:
  • YetiYeti
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    Old Ben's is excellent, I really like it. JKA's Model looks great, but the portrait is terrible(could just be from scaling). Farmboys is atrocious. The portrait and the model. He literally has darker skin on his neck than his face, and makes me think of bad makeup. Rey's model looks good, but the portrait is terrible. Ahsoka's isn't terrible, but not great. Im noticing stuff like this too:



    ^^^ This kinda stuff just makes me go, "C'mon guys"
  • CrispyFett
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    Upon further reflection, not a fan of the change to KRU- its basically SLKR's face on KRU's body. At least change it up a bit. I understand the cost savings, but c'mon.
  • CrispyFett wrote: »
    Upon further reflection, not a fan of the change to KRU- its basically SLKR's face on KRU's body. At least change it up a bit. I understand the cost savings, but c'mon.
    How does kylo look different from TLJ to tros? It’s 1 year lol, makes sense

  • Amoliski
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    KRU looks like he's sticking his head through the portrait window and it's freaking me out.

    Either change all the portraits to be uncomfortable tight closeups, or zoom out the new portraits to match the head 'n shoulders framing of the others, pretty please.
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