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  • Ct214476
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    At the very least, they all need some small changes to fix some small problems. I have seen a bunch of people on Reddit saying they don’t like the new Ahsoka model.
  • Bartek
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    Pros and cons here. KRU looks better. Especially the portrait is more mean.
    Rey looks like she is 11 years old and her miniature is... well. It is what it is.
    Farmboy looks older than Rey but not much. 12 yo at max:)
    JKA is better in my opinion, looks cool. Well maybe why is he leaned back so much?
    Old-Ben.. my God. I know the new face looks much more like sir Alec Guinness yes. But is also looks like the guy was drinking half of his life. Previous skin was descent neat and made him look darn good.
    And there is Ahsoka. No words on that. It's just beyond ugliness. Unbelievable what they did to her.
  • CCyrilS
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    I'm always surprised to find that they've been wasting time and resources on things like this. Nothing like fixing the things that aren't broken first.
  • TVF
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    Amoliski wrote: »
    KRU looks like he's sticking his head through the portrait window and it's freaking me out.

    Either change all the portraits to be uncomfortable tight closeups, or zoom out the new portraits to match the head 'n shoulders framing of the others, pretty please.

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  • Xcien
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    The portraits definitely do not look right. When compared to the others, they seriously stick out, and look um...bad. And the character model for Ahsoka has lots of issues. Looking at it, it doesn't seem right. The other ones are okay. I have (almost) no problem with the other updated models. The portraits are a serious issue. Please zoom out the new portraits to make them the same as the rest.
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  • CrispyFett
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    I'm surprised that they let the portraits pass QC, especially because these are the toons they are giving to new players, so its their first impression of the game. Putting aside critiques of the refreshed models (people seem to have differing opinions), I can't imagine anyone likes these new portraits. Scav Rey's portrait makes her look like one of the creatures from The Hills Have Eyes, and Daisy Ridley is gorgeous IRL
  • Ct214476
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    Just keep this in mind, we were able to get the Bastila one to change.....and I think a lot more people care about the model changes from the last update....
  • Wolidid
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    Rey’s new portrait makes her look like a disgruntled bobble head doll. They literally yanked her head forward but didn’t adjust the shoulders - looks terrible!

    That being said, each VU clearly has at least 1 fault to be nagged about. Poor update as a whole.
  • crzydroid
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    I would definitely say that the main problem with the portraits seems to be they are zoomed in too far. The others are head and shoulders, and this new ones are just the head. They also seem to be in front of the ring instead of behind it.

    I don't know if the difference was intentional, but the incongruity is really jarring. I also think having them farther back helps disguise any perceived imperfections.
  • Gifafi
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    Lol art
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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