Nightbrothers 250 mil GP

5/4 UPDATE: 1 spot open!

Greetings from the Nightbrothers Guildhall! We are an active guild focused on fun, not a lot of rules, basically just participate. Lots of old folks/parents but plenty of whipper-snappers too.
  • Name: Nightbrothers
  • 250 mil GP (plus you!)
  • Your's truly: NavjuJocum ally code: 924-556-344; discord NavjuJocum#5461
  • guild reset 8:30 EST (East Coast N America)
  • 28/12 stars in Geo TB
  • raids 10 pm EST
  • very good TW record, very organized, we assign specific players and squads to every squad territory
  • require that players be generally active: get 600-ish most days, participate in TB/TW, hopefully have (or be working on) pillar characters
  • Min 2.5 mil gp, but will take lower if it is a super focused roster.
  • I am a Virgo, own too many Firefly t-shirts, and really hate long walks on the beach
  • pop quiz hot shots: Why do I hate long walks on the beach?
Holla if you you want to hop on board team Nightbrothers!
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