HM Conquest - Remove 700% Turn Meter

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Two end bosses have Remove 700% Turn Meter as Feats (Sector 2 and Sector 4). What teams / strategies are people using on these? I have Decay: Turn Meter equipped but that doesn't seem to be removing enough (I do have two more I can equip as well).


  • Dathca
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    Vader lead, Gideon, Tarkin and whoever else
  • Thanks. I guess I should have added "without Wat or Gideon". Is it even possible?
  • khdelboy
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    I ran JTR with Holdo, BB8, C3PO and Finn on the Mando boss and got the TM removal feat.

    Just make sure to equip a lot of cooldown disks with a buff. DONT use damage debuff disks.

    Holdo is there to top up protection. Finn is there to tank.

    BB8 and C3PO is there to help reduce TM.

    JTR just hand waves those with highest TM. Just make sure to take out Beskar Mando out before he can use his whistling birds.

    Job done. Unfortunately this doesn’t work well with SEE as SEE and Vader is immune to TM reductions.
  • Phoenixeon
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    Bando cara ig11 kuill nest.
  • Drepd
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    Used JTR, R2, Bb8, Holdo and GMY. With the buff disc's, deployable cooling etc its a spam fest of TM removal. r2 spams his special on bb8, bb8 spams his special, holdo uses her non damage special, gmy spreads buffs. Jtr and bb8 constantly spamming tm removal.

    you may have to hit them once in a while or they may never get a turn to produce turn meter.
  • Thanks for all the help. Luckily I didn't need either of them to get the red chest.
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