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I have really liked the system that you introduced this time, where the marquee event for each Bad Batch team member has lasted through the whole team introduction. It has allowed me to play around with the various team members together in the range of different missions through all the events.

I would like to suggest a new Grand Marquee system.

Similar to the Journey Guide, the Grand Marquee would be a menu where all past marquees are available all the time. The menu system could be nested for manageability, so the Phoenix Squad, Prepared scoundrels, Bad Batch etc would be grouped together, then able to select the specific marquee.

Each level of marquee would have the cap of 5 wins removed for unlimited re-playability.

To maintain the exclusivity for players who are logging in every day, a marquee would only be added to the Grand Marquee when the character becomes accelerated. This would act as a re-launch for that character. You could also include the shard packs for people to buy the character within the Grand Marquee menu. Mo money.

I would like to see people who missed the original marquee event able to earn the shards by going to the Grand Marquee, but I could see that may be difficult to implement if the records for who did the event are not kept. An option would be to let everyone re-earn the shards once when it enters the Grand Marquee to really get the interest in the character up. Or no shards at all, just the opportunity to learn about the character and team would be good.

Benefits of the Grand Marquee:
1. This system would help new or returning players to get up to speed and understand the different factions available in the game.
2. Anyone who was not playing at the time of release of the character will get to experience something new in the game.
3. The artwork, missions and events have already had the time spent on them, so you would be getting more game from work you have already done.
4. Adding the shard packs to allow late people to buy the characters opens up a new income stream.
5. People will have the option to play around with a faction that they don’t currently have, and maybe end up wanting/investing in that team.


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    We have spoken about this before. In part this is not exactly an option as each even takes up a decent amount of size of the game, so they have been archiving them after the runs to keep the app size down.

    They have mentioned the possibility of a rotation of past marquees, but not sure where that will fall on the list.
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