Anyone Else Unable to Log In?

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I’ve heard people are getting reset to level 1. Is this also a known issue today?
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  • This sucks by the way. May the 4th and I can’t even log in
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    Yeah I'm having the same problem. I missed energy and My arena and fleet climbs already. Really sucks on May the 4th and double drop day.
  • I missed bonus energy too. And I probably won’t be able to do anything when it resets in 45 minutes for me. This blows man
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    I've tried restarting My phone and deleting and reinstalling the app hella times! I'm SO ****!
  • Don’t worry, I heard those affected by this will get a free Galactic Legend of their choosing.
  • iv82much wrote: »
    Don’t worry, I heard those affected by this will get a free Galactic Legend of their choosing.

    I already have all 4 lol. I’ll take kenobi when he comes out
  • XgerNaph
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    I have the same issue. Only one account. When I look at the profile of the account that cannot log in, it says "Has not reached squad arena yet" in the squad arena spot, while my rank 3 fleet sits there mocking me.

    Also, don't be surprised if this is locked and you are told to go to Answer HQ, where there is also no information or response.
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    Same. Someone in my guild sent me a screenshot of my account
  • Yup, mine looks the same. Ally code is 484635417, if that helps someone actually fix this.
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    Yep. Stuck at loading cantina as well. Uninstalled, re-installed, restarted, tried everything. Galaxy s20 ultra 5g if that helps.
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    You will need to report this to Answers HQ. Looks like some others are having the same problem, so you can leave a bump and a 'me too' on one of the existing threads.
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