Bonus drops with no character shards?

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How can you guys set up a special bonus drops without giving shards. It frickin baffles me. Keep catering to the whales. I get it.
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  • What? It drops bonus shards. Idk what you are talking about.
  • Ive received two Mando shards in two days. 15 battles 2 shards. That’s what I’m talking about. Maybe you’re having better luck but their algorithm only caters to spenders.
  • el_mago
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    I'm not a spender. I'm doing ok with my drops. Maybe RNG doesn't like you? Your whininess is unbecoming, though.
  • Gifafi
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    it’s “double drops on a chance of shards.”

    So IF you get a shard drop, it’s doubled

    Lol whales. Lol 15 attempts
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • MrSpeedy270
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    If I recall correctly, the Mandalorian is accelerated drop rate and with the double drops you should get 4 shards. Just saying.
    Also, I got 34 mission shards for 20 sims and I'm completely F2P
  • Adamklark
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    it doubles the shards what you would already get, no increased drop chance, guaranteed drops would be nice tho
  • 2*0=0. You’re just procing the 0.
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