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Is there some reason, I know not logical, but I'll accept any reason as to why they reduced the number of times to do challenges to one? Are they attempting to completely alienate f2p and very small casher players?

The zeta upgrades available in the ship challenge, were something that even f2p players could be able to increase their characters. Without purchasing any in the credit store, we could be sure we'd get at least one character zeta'd a month. That time has now doubled. As well with the regular challenges. The 3 for some 5 for the others ensured that we could get equipment that would enable us to advance. Now that it is only one time, it will be ridiculously impossible to gather up equipment for our characters or for the relic scavenger.

I really hope this is not a permanent thing, as it won't make me or any other f2p player spend money, and may actually turn some people off completely, if they are never going to be able to advance at all.

Whale chasers may pay the most, but there's not enough of them to ensure this game continues.


  • *I meant whale cashers, not whale chasers*
  • LinkyTriforce
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    You know when you multi sim now.. it does all attempts at once right? so instead of 1 ship challenge, it does both at the same time?

    If you tried to multi sim the training droid and str challenges today, it will cost you 8 sim tickets and complete them all at once..

  • DarjeloSalas
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    From the dev announcement:
    Quality of Life Updates

    Third, we have added a few Quality of Life improvements to the game:
    - Cantina Battles now show primary rewards on the campaign map
    - Challenges and Fleet Challenges no longer have a cooldown between successful attempts, and the Multi-Sim functionality will attempt to claim rewards for all Challenges at once (given enough Sim Tickets)
  • Gouj4
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    If you actually look at how many rewards you get when you do your ‘one sim’ you’ll notice that you’re getting the rewards for all of the attempts. You’re still getting all the same rewards you were previously, the only difference now is you don’t have to wait 8s between simming
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    Close the thread
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    As has been answered, it's not one sim, it simply now does all at once with no cooldown.
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