Issues with Account Restore from today's Update


  • Same here. Zeb L1, bunch of mod resets and stores are reduced to very little. Ally code: 776-235-417
  • Ally Code: 793-655-361

    Also my store shipments need to be updated to current level:

    I also attached another picture of my grand arena Zeb.
  • My mods missing, zetas and other stuff in stores, ally code 122-415-248
  • One issue, my GAC has been done even though my account got reset, it's nice becs I've won the 3 previous matches although I had not had GAC unlocked so how could it have been done? It's kinda nice although confusing. I did not lose any of my character/ship progress though. Also, I got 10M credits with some other random rewards in my inbox, 10M credits said credit heist rewards. there were other events also. At least no mod issues
    Funny that the people whose accounts genuinely got reset all have had their Zeb reset to g1, but your’s is g8?

    I wonder why that would be the case?

    My zeb did not get reset. I'm no expert and bugs and issues for the game, go ask the devs
    You certainly aren’t an expert on bugs / issues that didn’t actually happen to you, it would seem.

    Tip for next time you want to fib about something like this... hold back until you see what the people it actually happened to report, then copy what they say.

    not lying but whatever. I'm done dealing with your obbsession with trying the bully people

    Which account did the this happen with? Because it sure wasn't with your Mos Eisely account
  • Pavmal
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    Missing mods on the listed characters. Zeb is back to tier 1.
    Ally code: 296-688-631
  • Saseav
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    might be missing mods on greef as well on closer inspection.
  • NerfHerder44
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    So I wont talk about my many other complaints ... but here is what my store tabs look like:

    Zetas are missing to be bought

    Missing tabs of gear avail to buy


    Same here.

    Also missing mods on a few toons. Greef Karga, BAM, Magmatrooper, and Hermit Yoda. Also missing a few mod load out tabs.

    Ally code is: 284-998-539
  • Kemmyn
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    Same here, 877-169-132. Energies not full and Greef Zeb and HY all missing mod sets.


    My biggest issue with all this apart from missing the double drops and arena payouts is the time lost to complete conquest. Completed the hard conquest last time and was on track to do so again until this happened.
  • MDizzle2021
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    This has been insane.... No compensation for time lost, missing double drops yesterday plus losing in GAC? Unreal.

    We missed out on Territory War too
  • Neilix
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    CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    Neilix wrote: »
    CG_SBCrumb wrote: »

    EDIT: All resources for the reset characters were put into player's inventories (minus Mods). We are investigating what's going on with the missing mods and will let you know as soon as we know more.

    This is not true. I just tried to re-gear my Zeb and got stopped at gear 5 due to missing pieces. My Zeb was I believe between 8 and 10 before the reset. Definitely was higher than 5.

    Can you post your ally code? I don't see it in this thread

    Sorry it's on page one. 838-585-875
  • No way you gave all gear back for Zeb. I am short stun guns and can't get him back to g12 where he was before
  • Ally code: 217-867-949

    I’m missing pretty much the same stuff as everyone else. And my store is also jacked up.

    Do the right thing EA. Go above and beyond cause this select group was screwed over bad.
  • CRL
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    Zeta material in fleet arena store is missing, even after the refresh.
  • CG_SBCrumb
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    CrixWhite wrote: »
    No way you gave all gear back for Zeb. I am short stun guns and can't get him back to g12 where he was before

    Can you share your ally code?
  • CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    CrixWhite wrote: »
    No way you gave all gear back for Zeb. I am short stun guns and can't get him back to g12 where he was before

    Can you share your ally code?

  • @CG_SBCrumb

    Still stuck at the splash screen for a little over two days. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. No luck yet.

  • Lordrven
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    Mods are missing on Greef and hermit. Zeta materials are missing from fleet store. Mod materials are missing from guild event store.
    Ally code is 367136935
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  • nok85
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    Same problem as everyone, and the lost of double drops and everything else9gihok2t9l75.jpg
  • Same issues most are having. My characters haven't been reset to gear 1, but I am missing mods on Zeb, Magmatrooper, Hermit Yoda etc. And have the wonky stores...

    Ally code: 611-247-972fb6pju3pu0q8.png
  • Saseav wrote: »
    Hey, my account was one of the ones reset.
    Ally code:921-554-562
    bugs that I've noticed are as follows: Gear Level 1 Zeb, deleted mods on magmatrooper, Hermit Yoda, and Zeb...

    these were my old mods on Hermit yoda:

    I know that is from but where did you go to find that screen shot of past mods? I can't find it
  • Hello CG,

    I have experienced this issue as well. My Hermit Yoda and Greef were missing odds (along with their loadouts), Admiral Piett and Young Lando appears to have been reset to Level 1, energy was basically empty :(, stores are missing half of the stuff, and that's what I noticed so far at least.

    Ally Code: 881-771-886
  • Just for informations sake. The mods people lost are showing when you go to GAC since they saved from when they locked into GAC
  • lordteri
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    Yoda, greef,magma ,zeb missing mods
    Gl kylo missing lvl8 relic...still searching for other issues...7r0rjenpx5aw.jpg
  • RemusSeverus
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    Unable to log in since update. Tried using WiFi and Mobile Data.hcz9qkcghytt.jpg

    Ally Code: 497-285-473
  • 6hkb2ty33tng.png
    Zeb’s gear was definitely not returned to my inventory
  • CG_SBCrumb wrote: »

    For not being able to log in .. why isn’t my energy topped off ?

    Your account was restored to the snapshot we took at 3:15pm on May 4th.

    That looks to be how much energy I had when I was able to log in. I think it defaulted to a set amount 👍 not too worried about energy. The mods disappearing hurts. Plus all the gear from zeb did not show back up in my inventory. That really hurt. You guys will fix it. I have faith in CG on this one 👍 chin up guys
  • CG_SBCrumb wrote: »
    Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We have deployed of fix for those players whose account's were reset to level 1 with the Title Update on May 4th. Please report an further issues related to the account restore after rebooting.

    Please include your ally code.

    Known Issues:
    • Stores need to be refreshed to show the correct inventory and reflect the updated player's level
    • A handful of characters were reset back to level 1. Some of those units are missing Mods and/or Gear.
      • Characters affected so far (varies from player to player): Greef Karga, Zeb, Magmatrooper, Hermit Yoda

    EDIT (3:30pm PT): All resources for the reset characters were put into player's inventories (minus Mods). We are investigating what's going on with the missing mods and will let you know as soon as we know more.

    EDIT (5:00pm PT):We are working on another fix for early next week to address the Mods that were removed from characters that were set to lv 1. We are also investigating some reports around the gear that was removed from those characters and not placed in the player's inventory.

    Glad you guys agree that zeb’s gear didn’t get refunded. Appreciate the updates you’ve been posting, keep up the good work 👍
  • Allmight_1
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    I have to ask EA. After everything people in this chat have dealt with in the last 72 hours, is it really worth “investigating” the missing mods? I’m not even someone who lost much on Zeb, but for those who did why not just give them what they said they had? Instead of wasting more of their time, you could be trying to make the situation right. Gifting items to players who were screwed over is a lot quicker, and requires less resources then wasting time investigating. And let’s not act like you are pulling resources out of your wallet. We’re talking fake currency for a game you developed...

    Customer service goes a long way. Why not try to make customers happy instead of delaying the process further to count each bean?
  • Darth_Draker
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    Anyone else notice there doesn’t seem to be any daily activities
  • Hi, my zeb was reset to gear lv1 and all mods of Greef Karga gone. Other things are fine and solved. Please fix it, thank you. My ally code is 754-676-264
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