Issues with Account Restore from today's Update


  • Hi, my zeb was reset to gear lv1 and all mods of Greef Karga gone. Other things are fine and solved. Please fix it, thank you. My ally code is 754-676-264
  • Kemmyn
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    Anyone else notice there doesn’t seem to be any daily activities

    I think i depends what activities you had left when they restored your account, i had half of mine left to complete.
  • My Sun Fac is also a character that has gone back to level 1 gear and lost Mods

  • Asbetos
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    Hi admins, i actually STILLL CANNOT ACCESS THE GAME - i am stuck on wanting the game update! Im not sure whats my ally code as i cannot load cantina but this is my swgoh acc and there it says ally code 896-492-184
  • Definitely missing gear for Zeb. Can't get him back where he was.
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    My Zeb was geared out to relic 5, hopefully the next update will fix it, but it’s nice to be playing again. posted md0ekdx0jq73c.png
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    No way you gave all gear back for Zeb. I am short stun guns and can't get him back to g12 where he was before

    Can you share your ally code?


    I am having the same issue with my zeb not being back to the gear it was previously. Ally code 543-673-755
  • NerfHerder44
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    One issue, my GAC has been done even though my account got reset, it's nice becs I've won the 3 previous matches although I had not had GAC unlocked so how could it have been done? It's kinda nice although confusing. I did not lose any of my character/ship progress though. Also, I got 10M credits with some other random rewards in my inbox, 10M credits said credit heist rewards. there were other events also. At least no mod issues
    Funny that the people whose accounts genuinely got reset all have had their Zeb reset to g1, but your’s is g8?

    I wonder why that would be the case?

    My zeb did not get reset. I'm no expert and bugs and issues for the game, go ask the devs
    You certainly aren’t an expert on bugs / issues that didn’t actually happen to you, it would seem.

    Tip for next time you want to fib about something like this... hold back until you see what the people it actually happened to report, then copy what they say.

    My Zeb didn't get reset to level 1, but his gear was reset to level 1.

    Edit: I see that was the issue, not a level reset.
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    Ally code 981-232-533 Missing gear levels and mods on Zeb. Missing mods on Greef, Hermit Yoda, Magmatrooper and a few others I had spread around.
  • prallen
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    I was taking a look at my roster after my account was restored after the recent update and noticed my GP was about 12 - 13K lower than before. I am missing mods on 4 characters. I am pretty sure they have been deleted. The characters are Hermit Yoda, Greef Karga, Zeb, and Magmatrooper. I really care about the ones on Hermit Yoda and Greef Karga as they has some decent speed on them. My ally code is 857-167-351 and my in game name is Prallen Reiner. Anything you can do would be appreciated.
  • Tyban
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    Lost all mods for hermit Yoda, Zeb, magna trooper, and greef karga. Ally code 861-345-866.
  • GKG23
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    GKG23 wrote: »
    My Zeb is now G1 as well; think he was G8 before.. Lost all my mods on Greef Karga. All else seems okay from first glance. Ally Code 138-652-899

    Not sure if/why i was skipped but haven’t seen any gear for Zeb in my inbox.


  • Asbetos
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    The fix is not working for my acc! :( i keep losing rewards, ga, hard mode conquest, raids.... 896-492-184

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall but not working.

  • Ally code 867-715-959
    Missing mods on all characters mentioned above - energies never refilled

    Obviously lost a lot on ranks, double drops, etc.

    Guild lost a TW by less than 40 banners - I have two GLs, so affected a lot of other players.
  • Calipso
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    EDIT (5:00pm PT):We are working on another fix for early next week to address the Mods that were removed from characters that were set to lv 1. We are also investigating some reports around the gear that was removed from those characters and not placed in the player's inventory.

    What do you mean early next week?? We already lost 3 days for nothing. Now you are saying next week for mods... I have only one main squad as phoenix. And 4 of them missing mods.. Ezra , Zeb, Kenan and chopper. I don't have currency to upgrade new mods to 15 so that means for me no Gw and Squad Arena rank till next week. I know lots of us in similar situation..What are you planing for weekend? Barbeque or pool party? You must work day and night till fix this misserable problems and make costumers happy.. I don't wanna be a Karen but your cool actings made me crazy...


    Ally Code : 676-343-383
  • Ryu_katarn
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    In here that i've seen so far is: Zeb Gear Level 1, Zeb gear was definitely not returned to my inventory and some mods are missing but i will pay attention to see if any other thing is wrong.

    Ally Code: 729-954-411
  • FMac
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    I’m missing mods on Zeb, Jango Fett, and Luminara. Zeb is at gear level 1. I also did not get the proper gear to get Zeb back to where he was before. ay5icv0iy7j7.png

    Ally code: 378-826-339
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  • Still trying to get in the game past the loading screen...been 2.5 days.


    How was the Echo marquee event everyone? I bet it was cool. I wouldn’t know.


  • Missing mods on hermit yoda, Greef Karga and Zeb. Zeb is now gear lvl 1, he was lvl 8.
    Ally code: 851-574-785
  • CRL
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    I'm missing mods for Hoda, Greed, Zeb and magmatrooper so far. Zeb's gear level has been reset to level 1. Also there is no zeta material in fleet arena store.
  • Hey guys in the same boat. Hermit yoda and grief missing really good mods. You could probably pull them from gac snapshot or the place you pulled account snapshot from. Ally code 355-129-154 would really like those mods back please. Don’t have good spares laying around.
  • Saseav
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    Saseav wrote: »
    Hey, my account was one of the ones reset.
    Ally code:921-554-562
    bugs that I've noticed are as follows: Gear Level 1 Zeb, deleted mods on magmatrooper, Hermit Yoda, and Zeb...

    these were my old mods on Hermit yoda:

    I know that is from but where did you go to find that screen shot of past mods? I can't find it

    I just opened up the character page and mods are listed on it, i just checked before the .gg updated again post account restoration
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    Morgy123 wrote: »
    Hi, as well as the account reset issue zeb and magma trooper were reset to gear level 1 as shown in the images. When on grand arena he is locked in at the level I previous had usmwec5ypp4s.png
    My ally code is 631468843
    OK thanks we are looking into this

    I have got exactly the same issue: zeb reset to gear level 1 and mods are gone, but when assigning him in GAC the gear level and mods seem to be correct. My ally code is:555-764-296. Please help to resolve this, thanks!
  • on my side (ally code 941-238-114) may toons were still level 85 but lost the mods on the std characters : hYoda, Greek Karga, Magma trooper and Zeb. I still cannot buy Zeta from ship store. I really need you to restore those nice mods I had. They are not in my inventory.

    I (we all) expect compensation for:
    - missing TW that my guild won ==> gears, GET1
    - missing rancor Pit (I usually go 15th to 9th rank) ==> gears, get1, Get2, relic8 material ????
    - finishing arena 2 days in top 50 instead of 1st or 2nd 2 days in a row ==> +400 x 2 = 800 crystals
    - finishing ship arena 2 days in top 50 instead of 1st 2 days in a row ==> 350 x 2 = 700 crystals
    - lost energy ==> just send us the energy we would have accumulated over the unpayed time.- double drop ==> - you should compensate by extra energy on cantina : 500 ? and give us all a few of full gear carabantis, stun guns, kyrotechs
    - lost GAC phase 1 ==> get us the same reward as 1st place whatever happens
    - daily challenge ==> pls send teh equivalent gears of the missed days
    - no progress 2 days in conquest ==> I will probably not be able to reach final reward box although I had to refresh several times energy yesterday ==> give us extra Razor crest shards.
    - pain and suffering ==> 1000 crystals would seem reasonnable

  • Ally code : 516-446-568

    I have 2 problems :

    My daily challenge can only SIM once only when we are suppose to SIM a few times. Now I have to attack manually to get drops for both Fleet and Toon Challenge. I dare not do any SIM at the moment for any of the events which can be SIM.

    Second problem : I have not activated my Dark Trooper but it's being "auto" activated. Why is that so?
  • Ally code : 516-446-568

    I have 2 problems :

    My daily challenge can only SIM once only when we are suppose to SIM a few times. Now I have to attack manually to get drops for both Fleet and Toon Challenge. I dare not do any SIM at the moment for any of the events which can be SIM.

    Second problem : I have not activated my Dark Trooper but it's being "auto" activated. Why is that so?

    Both these things are working as intended and are not related to the bug.

    Simming Challenges will now sim all available levels in one attempt, rather than making you wait 5 seconds in between attempts.

    Dark Trooper is being given to all players who don't already have it.

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