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I m a long time player and want to comment on the state of the game. Lots has changed and improved since last time I posted.

Quality of life:
New improvements have been ok but some simple things remain difficult.
Like when filtering through toons, only one filter can be selected. So, I cant filter for rebels that are also crew or filter for sith that are not attackers. The filters should have Boolean operators.
Mods are still a pain years after implementation and updates. I saw a youtube vid about a 3rd party app that has all obvious tools that should be available in game but that app costs a monthly fee and is not explicitly endorsed by devs. The app doesn't do anything grand or creative, just obvious stuff that I would expect to see in game. Operations that I was wishing for before I saw the app. In game, spending hours hitting the same button repeatedly, wishing for basic tools, only to find that so many others wish for the same thing that a 3rd party app is relevant. Why don't the devs take notice and make changes? Do they want us to get bored enough to quit the game due to painfully laborious processes that have easy solutions? Similar is true opening bronzium data cards. Just allow the selection of multiple cards and allow them to open all a once.
Chats requests to ranked players in arena are all grey. Why even have a message button if it is always greyed out? I am always surprised to get a chat request from from a shard member because I cant send a message. Turns out you can input player codes or something to send a message. But why be so difficult? Just make the buttons work.

Game crashes and freezes and support:
OMG my game crashes/freezes a lot. On multiple devices. I tried for nearly 2years to get support with no response. Frequent posts, posts in the support section, emails... nothing worked. With no response, I simply accepted freezes and crashes as part of the game. I have been through 3 phones and 3 tablets since I started this game (including the most recent brand new expensive samsung tab) and still the the game freezes. The access to support is awful, like nearly the worst support for any product I have ever used. Not the single worst (they helped me once with an unrelated issue), but in the top 10 for sure. No in game bug reporting. No option to send crash reports to support. None of that. No responses other then to move support requests from this forum to the correct support section...with no responses there. Sometimes the game makes an error that is hard to explain....not frozen (the toons move with that idle bounce)...but the battle does not progress. It seems to be the enemy's turn but they do nothing. I try putting the game on auto, but nothing happens.
Sometimes there is a warning before the crash, the sound goes bad for bit before the freeze/crash. I get tired of not doing well in pvp because a crash counts as a loss.

GAC match making:
I was doing ok in GAC when it started. But then GLs got introduce. At first I would get an opponent with one GL while I had none. Ok that alone is not so fair, but there are some counters so OK. But then, all my opponents had at least one, sometimes two...while I had none. It became rare for me to win. Then I got one all my opponents have 2 or 3. OMG, the match making is seriously flawed. Only having 1 GL while the opposition has 3 not only means their GL squad is better, but usually means that other squads required to get the GLs are also better. The rosters I fight against are better than mine by a large margin. Yes, it is partly my fault for having GP inflated by useless toons but only partly.
How can you pit a 1GL roster against a 3GL roster and think that is fair? I know there are non GL counters, but if someone has SEE (for example) while their opponent does not, that probably also means they have superior Imp Trooper and sith squads leading to some quarantined wins.

New game modes:
The online response to Conquest seems positive. But I beg to differ. It is just more of the same. 5v5 fights. Same tactics, same planning, same team compositions. Same toons. Only now it is along a path with some additional abilities. Sometimes the path diverges for one fight just to converge again. Really? A one fight path divergence presents an inconsequential choice. There is so much more that can be done with this game format but instead we get more of the same. Here are two game mode ideas that would add a layer of strategy and encourage both a broader use of the roster and creative team compositions.
-The wheel- Imagine a map with a boss fight as a hub at the center. Several paths consisting of smaller battles radiate from the central hub. You fight from rim along each path toward the center. Along each radial path you can only use one squad to fight all battles on that path. If one toon dies, then you only have a 4 toon squad for the next fight. Only toons that survive the radial fights and reach the center can be selected for boss fight. The boss fight squad is selected from survivors of the radial fights. This means a careful selection of squads that ensure the survival of component members of a synergist squad for the center.
-King of the hill- each player selects a long list of toons from their roster (like 10 or 15 toons). The players enter battle with only the first 2 toons on the list. When a toon is defeated, it is replaced with the next toon on the list. This continues until one player's list is depleted.
I have many more mode ideas but my point is not give mode ideas, but to highlight that this same game format has potential to gives us endless ways to play. However, the devs give the same stuff repeatedly just packaged behind different maps, tables and titles.

I have lot more to say but this is already long. So I will leave it for now...maybe I will write more later.
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    Good points, especially about Conquest. There is very little actual choice involved, even though the concept allows so much more like branching paths, dead ends, optional bosses and so on. I hope we will get more once the basics are ironed out, but I don't give it much chance. There will probably be something new that also doesn't get developed beyond basic concept instead.
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
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    You’re not wrong about conquest, but the positive response is likely because this is one of the few things they introduced that kind of lived up to expectations. It has a little more variation than most other new things, so although it has its own issues, it’s a general step up.
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    I expected a more philosophical topic.
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