Arena Team

I was wondering what, in your opinion, would be the strongest team of characters for Arena.

Here's the list of my characters:
Jedi Consular
Darth Sidious
Count Dooku
Luminara Unduli
Luke Skywalker
First Order TIE Pilot
Resistance Trooper
Ewok Scout
Ewok Elder
Cad Bane
Royal Guard
Nightsister Acolyte
Nightsister Initiate
Tusken Raider
Clone Sergeant Phase 1
Poe Dameron
IG-86 Sentinel Droid
First Order Stormtrooper
Geonosian Soldier

I'm close to getting Captain Phasma, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Asajj Ventress.


  • Need more information. Levels, Stars, Skill Levels, player level, arena rank.

    Basically begin your research on your own and this type of question will be much more productive. There are tons of similar threads with more effort applied that you can glean from.
  • My intention was to know which characters you think could be the best without knowing levels, stars, etc.
  • Hard to say without knowing more, but from that list I might end up going with:

    Sid, Luminara, FO tie pilot, Luke, and Poe. I would probably focus on leveling them and their abilities first. Cad bane also has great potential, but is not easy to increase his star level. You have other characters that synergize well with certain teams like IG-86 and the nightsisters, but not enough of them to make a full team out of them just yet.

    Also, don't sleep on the genosian soldier. I keep going up against someone who uses him in their PVP team, and that little wort is a beast. He uses that assist attack every other turn and has a boatload of HP. They must have farmed him hard to get him that strong.

    But basically, with the team listed above, Sid's crit boost will make FOTP and Luke hit like howitzers, Poe is a great tank, and Lumi is an awesome healer. Once you have Vader and Boba Fett you will want to change your outlook, but for now I'd say that's what you should focus on.
  • Thank you very much!
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