Update On Early Game Experience Issues

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Earlier this week, a small number of players were set to Account Level 1 and were unable to access many features or log in to the game at all due to an issue with the update to the early game experience. This was an exceptionally bad experience given the number of special events that were running to celebrate May the 4th in addition to the usual events such as Grand Arena, Territory Battles and others.

We deeply apologize and thank these players for their patience while we worked through these issues.

Given these specific circumstances, we have put together a package to help offset these player’s unfortunate experience during May the 4th. We will be sending the inbox below next week to players who were affected by the Account Level 1 issue.
  • 10,000x Crystals
  • 1,000x PvE Energy
  • 1,000x Cantina Energy
  • 1,000x Ship Energy
  • 1,000x Mod Energy
  • 250x Conquest Energy
  • 5,000x GET I
  • 5,000x GET II
  • 25x Razorcrest Shards
  • 20x Zeta Materials
  • 10x Omega Materials
  • 50x Echo Shards
  • 3x Clone Wars Chewbacca Shards

There are two 2 lingering issues (some of those players had up to 4 of their characters reset to Gear Level 1 and some of their mods were removed) that we will also be addressing next week.
Thank you again for your understanding and for being part of this amazing community. See you on the holotables.
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