Mod Filters; A Suggestion

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As a semi-OCD individual, I spend a lot of time adjusting mods and "trickling-down" / replacing mods on a character when I get a particularly good slice on a mod. I then have to scour my characters for the little green plus sign on characters I may have removed mods from.

My suggestion is to create several filters. Some of which may already be there behind the scenes.

1. Filter for any missing mods on characters (green plus)
2. Filter for any non "complete sets" (partially filled in gold box or even blue box if mods aren't leveled all the way). We obviously have the choice to ignore this if a particular mod load out is good regardless of a full set, but I like to have the option to see most of my characters getting the bonuses if they can.

This would save so much time in helping make sure all mods are set before a GAC or TW. Doesn't mean they'll be perfect or whatever, but at least they won't be missing something at least. Thanks for reading and I know it's been discussed before. Just posting again so CG can see the interest.

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