Well, I Guess CG is Addressing Arena Shard Chats After All

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I know what you're thinking, "CG said they couldn't do anything about 3rd party apps and wouldn't do anything about the shard chats that dominate the area(s)," but you may be mistaking my point. tl;dr at bottom.

Shard Chats were created in order to protect payouts for those strong and good enough to climb to first every day. The chat makes it so people all over the world can get first at their PO, without refreshing over and over and spending crystals. People spending the crystals to get the crystals benefits CG by depleting a resource in a resource-management game. Shard chats can be unfair in some isolated cases, but overall are just a cooperative way for spenders and ftp alike to do well in swgoh.

In every meta there was a shift. jkr to drev to gas to gl's etc (not a comprehensive list lol), and every new meta had been hard to beat by the last, which forces theory-crafting and then people come up with counters that work. So those that wanted to stay on top in arena got the GL as well.

Then CG released 2 more GL's after Rey and SLKR, but these new GL's weren't stronger than the first (as CG had honestly told/warned us about). So the same thing happens, counters are found, etc, but now the top of the arena is full of people with 3-4 GL's, which are harder to counter as a whole, making climbing harder for the people with just a counter for one or two of the GL's. Now that GL's have been out so long, plenty of people have been able to get them ftp by now.

So now we have a situation where anyone with one GL can climb higher than anyone with just a counter or two (overall), but what this means is that even people with 4 GL's can be beat by people with one or two. And now the new GL Kenobi will also be "on par with" the 4 GL's we have, so we will soon have "rock paper scissors rake club shovel bendystraw etc."


The effect of this seemingly permanent "Rock Paper Scissors (etc) "meta" is that more people have to spend more crytals to get to first/higher in arena. This benefits CG and dampens their "losses" from people being able to save crystals by being in shard chats. It's only 50 crystals here and there you say? Multiply every time someone in a shard has to refresh crystals by all the shards and you can see this is a non-trivial, to say the least, increase in resource-bleeding. So CG is def addressing shard chats, but to their benefit.
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  • True, this has disrupted many shard chats in the recent months, so far god mods are keeping new Comers at bay but man it has become a pain both in arena and fleet, now everyone and their mothers got the meta fleets and gls, people that use to never reach 100 are able to jump up and hit you 1 minute before payout, now I gotta lock in everytime and waste a refresh
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    Then we have fleets, where we just go years between any significant releases
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    Then we have fleets, where we just go years between any significant releases

    yeah in fleets I can climb to 40 or maybe 30ish doing 5 battles, or do one and stay 99-50 and it just doesn't seem worth the time. I'd like to think RC will help somehow, but idk

    lol what was the last ship release before RC? Not counting Cap ships for FO/Res, is it M.Falcon? I seriously can't remember
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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