Best bounty hunter squad for Chewbacca Journey.

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Just unlocked CLS. Working on building his best team with CLS-Lead, OG Han, Chewie, C3po, and 3bacca. So far just unlocked Han and am farming 3bacca. Ready to side farm bounty hunters for chewie but was wondering best line up and lead. I already have Boba at 7* I have all battles unlocked at 3 star. Also how should I mod them...? Thanks


  • Bossk, Embo, Bobba, Jango, Dengar
    Bossk, Embo, Bobba(Jango is better), Mando, greef
  • crzydroid
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    I don't know that there's a "best" squad. Bossk certainly makes it easy, and Dengar is extremely useful for keeping R2 from stealthing everybody. You can probably plug and play the other three, but it might not hurt to do Mando and Greef because they'll be needed if you ever want to do Beskar/Razor Crest. I just tried tier 7 with Bossk, Dengar, Boba, Mando, and g9 Greef and it went really quickly.
  • Gifafi
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    Bossk boba jango greef and dengar imo

    Dengar is pretty key to the chewie event, or at least he was
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Thanks for the advice. Think since I was already working on Mando greef early on I’ll make more use of them. Then I pretty much just have Bosk and Dengar to farm. Btw where is dengar farmable? He only in guild store randomly?
  • crzydroid
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    Yes, AFAIK, he is still only in guild store. Just save up all your guild coins for when you see him. He's accelerated now, so it should go fast.
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