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Please let us skin classic characters. It doesn’t matter if it’s a crappy one like Lando. I just want the ability to (at any time, not just in one event) play as Skiff Lando or General Calrissian. Or Rebel Pilot Luke (although I would still love his X-Wing) or the REAL CLS in his Hoth outfit. Etc. etc. etc.
That way you can still make new “real” toons based on the newest TV/movie content. Everyone’s happy.
-signed, a mostly f2p who would bump up a spending tier for this type of content
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    But then they can't make a General Calrissian character.
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    They said before that skins could confuse who you on who you are fighting, so that's why skins don't exist. Also, then they can't make money off creating those character versions.
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