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Hi Holotable Heroes!

Commander Ahsoka Tano, one of the greatest heroes of the Clone Wars, and proud Togruta warrior joins the Holotables. This former padawan of Anakin Skywalker is an exceptional and agile Force user that leaps into battle often against overwhelming odds. Ahsoka’s mastery of the dual lightsaber technique and evasive combat style allows her to easily outmaneuver her foes with a level of skill that few opponents can match.

Though she was once a devout follower of the Jedi Order, Ahsoka's faith in the Jedi was shaken, causing her to walk away from the Order and follow her own path with the Force. This did not diminish her strong bond with her allies or her commitment to protecting those in need. Ahsoka rejoined the Grand Army of the Republic as a Commander during the Siege of Mandalore to support her friends and finally end the war that had engulfed the galaxy for most of her life.

Commander Ahsoka Tano will be available as a reward and from merchants in the upcoming Conquest.

The Basics:
  • Commander Ahsoka Tano is a strong attacker, whose abilities heavily focus on dealing huge amounts of damage.
  • Ahsoka works particularly well in a Galactic Republic squad but she also can fit into a team with Scoundrels or the new Light Side Unaligned Force Users.
  • She also has the rare ability to swap Turn Meter with Galactic Republic or Scoundrel allies.

Unique Attributes:
  • Commander Ahsoka Tano’s Unique, Her Own Path, gives her allies and herself bonuses when facing more enemies than she has allies.
    • This can be triggered mid battle, such as when an ally is defeated and there are now more enemies than allies.
    • These bonuses can be very useful in Territory Wars and Grand Arena, where you can purposely go into a battle with an undersized squad to gain extra points or save your units for another battle.
  • One of Ahsoka’s most powerful offensive abilities is Force Leap, which instantly removes an opponent from battle like Darth Nihilus’ Annihilate, but it starts on a hefty cooldown.
    • Force Leap has a shorter cooldown after the first time you use it, but this ability does not instantly defeat enemies after the first use in an encounter.

  • Ahsoka Tano was a big part of The Clone Wars TV series and we were excited to see her featured in so many episodes of Season 7.
  • This unit is a snapshot of her time after leaving the Jedi Order and her journey during Season 7.
  • We based the look of the character and her animations from this season of The Clone Wars, particularly the finale, but we also wanted to create a unique model for her that incorporates her design from The Mandalorian.
  • Her Scoundrel synergy is playing off her time with Martez sisters, Trace and Rafa, who were smuggling spice for the Pyke Syndicate.
  • Having left the Jedi Order, Commander Ahsoka Tano couldn’t be given the Jedi tag, but was the perfect catalyst for us to create a new tag: Unaligned Force User. These are the units that are not Jedi or Sith but have shown talent with the Force.
  • She also has the Galactic Republic tag as she briefly returns to help the Republic with the Siege of Mandalore during this time.

Strategy Tips:
  • Padmé’s Courage buff combined with Ahsoka’s Basic, Jar’Kai Master, is very effective in the Geonosis Territory Battle as Jar’Kai Master hits twice and gets the bonus from Courage each time.
  • Ahsoka’s Special, Shien, can be a versatile tool for enabling her allies to power up quickly or deal consistent damage.
    • Using Shien on a Guarded Kuiil to swap Turn Meter will allow him to take an extra turn and trigger Chewbacca’s assist to steadily deal extra damage.
    • Shien can be used on L3-37 to allow L3 to rapidly upgrade her Self Modification ability and become a formidable tank early in battle. L3 can then repeatedly counter attack to reduce Force Leap’s cooldown and increase Force Leap’s bonus damage.
    • General Kenobi and Agility Tanks under Galactic Legend Rey will dodge attacks frequently and also synergizes well with Shien since the cooldown reduction and damage boost also triggers off of evading attacks.
  • Commander Ahsoka Tano can deal substantial damage, so she likes a strong Tank on her squad to protect her while she focuses on attacking problematic enemy units.
  • The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) is also a solid Scoundrel ally for Commander Ahsoka because she can consistently deal damage while he builds up stacks of Whistling Birds.
  • There is no way for Force Leap to start off cooldown (at the moment)...

  • Commander Ahsoka Tano is initially only available in Conquest.
  • Unaligned Force Users are characters that use the Force that don’t identify as Jedi or Sith.
    • Light Side
      • Commander Ahsoka Tano
      • Commander Luke Skywalker
      • Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum)
      • Rey
      • Rey (Scavenger)
      • Rey (Jedi Training)
      • Visas Marr
    • Dark Side
      • Asajj Ventress
      • Kylo Ren
      • Kylo Ren (Unmasked)
      • Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
  • The bonus Offense, Critical Damage, Health, and Defense from her Unique, Her Own Path, can be applied or removed mid battle as the condition of having more enemies than allies on the battlefield is constantly being checked throughout a battle. Which means you can still get the bonus without starting with an undersized squad if an ally is defeated mid battle or lose those bonuses when you defeat enough enemies.
  • Against Galactic Legends or Raid Bosses, Force Leap deals massive damage instead of instantly defeating the target the first time you use it in an encounter.
  • All uses of Force Leap against Raid Bosses will call everyone to assist with a 10% damage boost.
  • Commander Ahsoka Tano has been added to the Hero list for Territory Battle: Republic Offensive which allows her Basic to hit 4 times. (Goodbye Droid Battalions!)

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