A fun perspective about Rey

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She was "jedi-training "
GL = not a Jedi
Rey failed training.
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    or did she
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Nikoms565
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    In-game tags <> lore
    In game name: Lucas Gregory FORMER PLAYER - - - -"Whale blah grump poooop." - Ouchie

    In game guild: TNR Uprising
    I beat the REAL T7 Yoda (not the nerfed one) and did so before mods were there to help
    *This space left intentionally blank*
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    I need a new message here. https://discord.gg/AmStGTH
  • Xcien
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    Isn't this fun.
    I've found this whole experience to be very enlightening.

    Thank you for evaluating. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • Nihion
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    My favorite part of TLJ is everyone referring to Rey as “Jedi Training version”
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