Dodge Statistics

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So I've started tracking GW dodge statistics.

To create unbiased sample I have used the following rules:

Jedi attacks/dodges on Sid are not counted
Only the first attempt on GW is counted
Dodge Leads are tracked separately
Rey's multi hit is not counted
Attacks/dodges on evasion up are not counted.

Day 1 results:
No dodge leads today
9 dodges in 199 attacks
8 battles with no dodges
2 battles with 1 dodge
1 battle with 2 dodges
1 battle with 5 dodges

With 199 samples at a estimated base dodge rate of 7.5% the standard deviation would be 3.7. So not enough samples to be meaningful.


  • Greg1920
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    Day 2 forgot first 3 battles
    2 Lumi leads with 2 Jedi, 1 old Ben lead

    Normal levels
    1 with 1
    1 with 2
    4 with 0

    1 with 5
    1 with 0
    Old Ben

    One thing I've noticed is that battles with even 1 dodge last significantly longer. Therefore the effect I have observed where if you get 1 dodge another 1 is more likely is probably just that dodges leg then the battle giving you the opportunity to observe more dodges.

    Again no Dookus in GW today and arena is to quick to have time to count as my focus is out there.

  • Keep going with the data bro! It is very useful!
  • Eaywen
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    7.5% was my eventual conclusion with 250 samples.
  • Greg1920
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    My base dodge rate is seeming low but I think you need at least 1000 samples before having a reasonable accuracy since the probability is so low. I really want data on Dooku teams though and haven't hit any.

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