What is gac matchups

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I’m sorry to whine cause I know the forums have a huge amount of them but the last two gac matches. Not rounds as in my last 6 opponents have had 400k more gp as me. To put this in perspective I have 1.7m gp so it makes a huge difference in gac. I am just wondering why this happens
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    Basically, within your Division, you are matched only on a certain amount of your top characters. The actual number varies by Division. So if you made a few teams really powerful really fast, you can get matched with someone who geared up over more time and has a more filled out roster.
  • Don’t the matchups depend on the GP of your top 80 along with total GP?
  • Top 80 is only for the top divisions.

    It’s assumed to be number of characters needed to fill defence x2.
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