RNG dependant purple gear needs to stop

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The gear crunch and eluded to economy changes are something I think all players are eager to see change this game. Relics and gold gear are providing the same incentive to spend as purple gear did in the past. It's time that we see some major upgrades to daily challenges, or a similar overhaul to what we saw with character shards that would double certain gear items. One thing that must be corrected immediately is the availability of gear like Mk V Arakyd Droid Callers. Unlike other valuable gear like Carbantis and Stun Guns/Cuffs, this item is not farmable anywhere. It's in the guild raid store, GAC store, and available through raids, but these are all RNG outcomes for a gear piece that is essential to almost every character. The future of this game has really looked promising the past few months, let's continue that trend by making this issue a priority.
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    It may be RNG from guild store but it shows up there plenty.

    It's fine.
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  • Cehmybro
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    Shows up plenty for you maybe, but that's RNG. Why not at least make it a constant item in the guild store to ensure that all players are having the same experience?
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    Cehmybro wrote: »
    Shows up plenty for you maybe, but that's RNG.

    Do you check all four times every day? They all show up plenty eventually over the long run if you do.
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  • I do check that store often. You have no way of guaranteeing that they show up plenty because once again, it's RNG dependant. I'm not sure how making that gear piece a constant in the store makes this game anything but more enjoyable for you and everyone else that plays SWGOH.
  • Nihion
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    Warning: My post will be anecdotal. I’ve never run into an Arakyd V crunch. I often buy Arakyd V from the guild store when it is there, and I don’t often see the characters I’m gearing needing it. There are a lot of characters I own that require it, but I only need it every so often when I prioritize those characters, and by that time I usually have one or two to use. In fact, ever since I started focusing a few characters at a time, I haven’t really noticed any gear crunches. G12 gear is the longest grind, but it all comes in time.

    If you’re playing to get everything on release, I can see how this is an issue, but I don’t see CG changing it. Besides, our purple gear income just increased with GC and Conquest.
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