(Suggestion) New Arena Ranking System

I know there are some people who like the current Arena (Sniping) System, but there are a few things that I dislike about it.

Current Arena System
I won't go to much into details about the problems i have with the current system, but here's a quick overview of some.
  • Unable to start a battle because you or your opponent is currently engaged in a battle. This is becoming more of an issue the last couple weeks as my server has really filled out with 70/7* teams.
  • You/Your opponents rank is no longer available. This one doesn't happen often but when it does, you might find yourself back into the issue above.
  • AI, your team is just bad on defense. Only a small number of characters the AI plays okay. This really limits the diversity of team comps.
  • Arena Payout Time: Now at 7 PM, this requires you to be on just before to determine where you place and not get sniped at the last seconds.
  • Overall the current system is more about Timing and Luck, instead of how well you play. Winning all 5 battles and losing rankings, doesn't make for a good system. I can't think of any sport where this happens.

My suggestion is that you gain/lose points based on your Offensive/Defensive battles.
  • Offense: For when you control your team, you would receive/lose 50 points if you win/lose.
  • Defense: For when AI controls your team, you would receive/lose 30 points if you win/lose.
  • The points are setup so that if you Win 3/5 of the battles you actually control, but lose all 5 of the ones the AI controls, you would break even for the day. Offense: 150, Defense: -150
  • Your team could be battled 100 times in the day, but its only the first 5 that effect your ranking. If you don't get challenged on defense, you don't lose or gain any points(on defense).
  • Your opponents are randomly picked from teams in your ranking tier.
  • Arena Awards would go out during the daily resets. Do your fights whenever you want, no need to worry about having to be on just before awards.
  • Arena Rankings would be based off the points. Every 1000 points is a new tier. Ie 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, etc. The higher the number the better the reward. There would have to be some sort of cap i'd imagine. And the top tier would have to probably be reset down to the minimum points of that tier. This would be to make them have to do their 5 arenas to stay in the tier, otherwise they could just not do arenas for a couple days and still be in the top tier.
  • The top 3 in the rankings would receive a larger award.
  • You/Opponents being in combat error, can just be removed. You could start a battle even though someone was in battle with you. One team could have multiple people fighting them at once.
  • With less emphasis on how AI defends your ranking and more emphasis on how well you team does on offense, this could really open up to new team comps. Now that you would not have to rely so much on how well your team does on defense, or about being on at the right time to avoid getting sniped.
  • A con of this is a lot more people would find themselves getting the upper tier rewards, so crystals per rank would have to be toned down some. Currently 24 different people could technically receive rank 1 on a single server. So i don't think its too big of an issue.

Well, that's my thoughts on a new Arena Ranking System, be interested to see if people have some suggestion or thoughts.


  • Royce
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    this could be good. I'd rather have a point base system than a ladder system. in this way players even at the bottom of the ladder have a chance to be number 1.
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  • jtveclipse12
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    edited April 2016
    It is based on points. If you win more than you lose, you climb up in the rankings.

    I think your on the same server as me, you sitting at number 1 atm?
  • DestructusKloud
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    edited April 2016
    I'd prefer this kind of ranking, but what if people achieve the same number of points?
    Where do they place in the rankings? What if multiple people reach the max amount of points there is to get? (Which they undoubtably will)
    It would eliminate the need for staying on at specific times to snipe but it generates more loops holes than it eliminates. Perhaps if someone reaches the max amount of points then they receive the max reward right there and then have their points reduced to a lower tier, allowing them to climb back up and not conflict with other people with top rankings.
    This also stops a few people camping at the top of the rankings as much.
    This sounds like it could be a cool way of doing it, at least it's less stressful than sniping, but it just needs to be ironed out first. :)
  • Servers give out multiple rewards for rank 1. Outside of rank 1-3, its all tier based.

    The top tier would be reset back down to the minimum points of that rank. So each day they would still compete for ranks 1-3. If 5 people tie for rank 1. Then those 5 get rewarded for rank one.
  • Royce
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    It is based on points. If you win more than you lose, you climb up in the rankings.

    I think your on the same server as me, you sitting at number 1 atm?

    yeah bro. good to see some servermates here. :)
    In-game name: Royce. Ally code: 844-142-988
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