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Hi Holotable Heroes!

Today’s Update contains the Grand Arena Division changes and returns Jolee Bindo back to Dark Side 6-D Hard. Additionally, the game has been updated with the June Calendar and added several bug fixes for Conquest.

Today’s Update contains several fixes and updates the Commander Ahsoka's shard cost in Conquest.


Grand Arena Division Changes:
Grand Arena Championship Divisions have received several changes to promote a more balanced and competitive experience. We have redistributed the number of players in Grand Arena Championship divisions to closely reflect the ratio of players that were originally in those divisions at the time of GAC’s launch. The number of squads required and prizing for league promotions has also been adjusted to closely resemble the divisions players were previously in. These changes maintain the level of difficulty you experienced previously and without affecting your rewards.

In addition to the above changes, the amount of required points scored to promote between divisions and leagues will be different for some divisions and leagues to account for the additional squad battles taking place amongst players in those divisions.

NOTE: Rewards for League Promotions has also been updated to reflect the changes to Divisions

See the original post on this topic here.

June Calendar:
June Calendar is available here. The Login character for June is Geonosian Spy.

Double Drops:
In celebration of the newly announced Galactic Legend Kenobi, all Cantina Battles are rewarding double drops on May 29th and 30th.

All Light Side and Fleet Battles are rewarding double drops on June 12th and 13th.

Note: This does not include Galactic Legends Event tickets

Commander Ahsoka Tano:
Commander Ahsoka Tano’s gear has been updated in game to its final version in game.

  • Jolee Bindo shards are added back to Dark Side 6-D Hard.
  • Wrecker is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.

  • UNIT - A bug has been fixed with Jedi Master Luke's Inherited Teachings. If it is used multiple times in the same turn it will now call allies to assist correctly.
  • UNIT - IG-88's target lock interaction via their Unique, Adaptive Aim Algorithm, has been fixed so that it blocks Health Steal recovery.
  • EVENT - Updated Conquest Boss modifiers’ description to more accurately represent the modifier.
  • EVENT - Updated Conquest Boss modifier, "Wait for It," to have its effects last the entire encounter. Previously Daze on the enemy leader would only last 2 turns.
  • EVENT - Fixed an issue that caused the Convor's Agility Data Disk to provide too much Turn Meter and not apply extra dodge chance when stacked.
  • EVENT - Updated the description of the Conquest Boss modifier, "The Greater Good" to last for 2 turns instead of 3.
  • EVENT - Updated the Entrenched Data Disk description updated to mention this Protection Up can’t be dispelled.
  • EVENT - Updated The Cost of Opportunity modifier to reflect it only triggers when an enemy leader uses a special ability.
  • EVENT - Fixed the Future Sight Data Disk to match it's functionality.
  • EVENT - Fixed a bug where Zealous Ambition was giving the incorrect amount of bonus Offense.
  • EVENT - Fixed bug with data disk "Deadly Momentum" where it's "ignore protection" component didn't apply to all allies.
  • UNIT - Commander Ahsoka's shard cost has been updated in Conquest.
  • UNIT - Tapping the GO button on the Negotiator on Jedi Master Kenobi's first quest will now take you to the Negotiator's page.
  • EVENT - Entrenched Protection Up duration is now listed in the description.
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