Galactic War is broken and unbalanced

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I just reached level 75 and I've only been able to completely clear Galactic War 12 times. I haven't spent a dime on the game but I get paired against teams from players who have hyperdrived all the time. I play every day but get stuck against raid character teams or journey character teams. I have a 7 star rebels team and am working on a first order team but I can't keep up

Does anyone agree or have similar experience to mine? Or does anybody have any tips?
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    Doonan wrote: »
    Or does anybody have any tips?

    If you're already on the "X is broken" train quit now.
  • Yes. Learn some patience. In about 50 days it’ll be something you can sim every day.

  • It’s meant to be a challenge to beginner players. Not everything you should be able to clear 100% this early on... ever been on a grind?
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    War is based on your top 5 characters.

    They basically take your GP from your top 5, and subtract 20% for the easy battles and add 20% for the harder battles. Might be wrong on the %...

    But if you are building 1 team on it's own, you are not going to be able to complete it so early. The way you complete it with a new account is by building 2 teams simultaneously and slowly, and keeping thier power relatively balanced.

    If you are pushing 1 specific team, then as soon as you get a key zeta ability or 2 assigned, you will be golden and the mode will be merely an inconvenience until you hit 50 wins, and then it just becomes something to sim every day.
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