Zsolt's Journey Guide for My Fellow Newbies - R2D2 7*

Hello everyone.

So you are on your way to getting to CLS. However, an important cornerstone of the event is to get a 7* R2D2, one of the best droids (astromech btw) in the game. Without it, you can't reach the last stage. So now, let's see who you need, where you can get them, and how you can get to the last stage.

You gathered Emperor Palpatine and Thrawn with the Phoenix Squad. You have Darth Vader (I mean...you have Vader right??). You are free to choose the remaining two places, though I would recommend the most standard setup, Tie Fighter Pilot (TFP) and Grand Moff Tarkin. They will serve you in your fleet army too (Tarkin with the Capital and TFP with the TIE Fighter). I show you now my team for the event that I found convenient (naturally, you may have good RNG with lesser gear and stuff, I prefer less frustration).


As you can see, everyone is on Gear 9. EP lead is important to feed the Turn Meter (TM) gain for the whole squad, as everyone in the team can impose debuffs on the enemy team.

Emperor Palpatine: You have him from the first event. I did not use any omegas on him, on Zetas, though if you want, you are free to spend whatever on him. On the other hand, level 7 abilities (all) is what I find the bare minimum. For the mods: Speed and Potency sets, Speed on Arrow, for the Triangle you can use offense, a harder hit are always better, and for the Plus, a Potency is nice, applying the debuffs is important to get the turn meter and stun the foes.

Thrawn: You have him from the event. Fracture is one of the best abilities in the game, you would like to have it upgraded. Level 7 is a must on everything (you can skip some on the leading ability for now), though if you want, apply omegas for your own convenience. Mods: Speed ofc and for the second set, you may wary. Most ppl use Speed and Health, you would like to have him around to apply as many Fractures as possible. Speed for Arrow, for sure. For Triangle and Plus, you may use Crit. Chance, Health, Offense, whatever you would find the most satisfactory. Try to see where he fails and reinforce that side.

Vader: So here, you may want to apply omega on Force Crush, as it gives Speed Down on the enemy besides the Damage Over Time. It is incredible, though your choice, I did the event without Omegas. Level 7 is a must btw. Mods: Either use Crit. Chance and Crit. Damage (for the higher Culling Blade damage) or Speed and Crit. Chance/Potency. EP increases Potency, however, applying the buffs is the most important for the TM gain. You can choose, harder hits or more debuffs. I like the Potent Vader more for now. Speed on Arrow, Crit. Chance/Damage on Triangle, Potency on Plus.

And for the rest of the team, I had Tarkin and TFP, let's see them now.

Tarkin: The admiral of the Capital Ship Executrix, applier of heavy debuffs. You may choose another toon, but Tarkin is not going to be a deadweight after the R2D2 event (neither TFP). Abilities 7 at least, and with the mods: Speed + Potency. More turns, more debuffs. Put as much speed and potency on him as possible. That will do the trick.

TFP: Pilot of the iconic TIE FIghter. Good ship and a heavy hitter toon. He can actually dish out some serious damage and get tons of turns as he gets TM after the number of debuffed enemies at the end of his turn. With some goods mods, he gets sometimes two turns before the enemy can move. With his abilities, he can apply buff immunity and Tenacity Down on his basic if he crits. So use Speed and Potency sets, then use speed Crit. Chance and Potency on the Triangle and Plus.

For the event itself. I will only post some pics about the last stage.


It may happen that the enemy will come first and not you, even with Vader's increased Speed. As you can see, I got some damage on my TFP and a Stun. Not good, but not terrible, and Vader comes first as he should. Use the Force Crush to apply the DOTs and then use basic to Ability Block R2if you can.


Now Palpatine can apply the stuns with the AOE. Then you get the TM and use the basic on someone. I Fracture and focus on Chewie, he can become a nuisance.


Killing the ultimate damage dealer, Han Solo is a must, as he can kick your **** easily. Now my focus shifts to R2, Burning, and Stun are insanely annoying.

No R2D2, no Han Solo. Farmboy can deal some DMG too, so cherry-pick him and then Leia.


Chewie and Obi-Wan cannot do anything to you know, their Taunts and Obi-Wan after-death ability are meaningless. Finish the fight and earn your R2D2!

Thanks for the reading. Now, you can upgrade your Rebel team to 7* and start the CLS event (Farmboy Luke, Leia, Stormtrooper Han, R2D2, Obi-Wan - Old Ben).

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