Recruiting 6 for casual but active guild-June 1, 2021

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Come join Vaders 2nd Regiment

Looking for 6 players wanting to grow. We know life gets in the way of the game. Come have fun with no pressure.

GP 140 mil
HSith, Haat, Pit sim at least once a week
Geo dark side TB-7 stars this time
Won last 3 out of 4 TW
Prefer 1 mil GP but not a deal breaker if you want to grow your toons.
Open join.
There is a discord for those that want to chat but not required.

Good long-term guild with core group of 20-25 active players. Some of us have been together since swgoh launch.
Come have fun with us with no pressure.

Vaders 2nd regiment

Ally code 816-893-398
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