Active Guilds Looking For Players - June 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***

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If you are an ACTIVE guild looking for players, post your ads here. An Active guild is one that:
  • Has minimum activity and/or participation requirements.

These are the guilds that are about camaraderie and fun but also about teaching new players and helping them progress further. Part of having fun means completing as much guild-related content as possible with varying degrees of importance on the level of that content. As such, members are expected to contribute their fair share to guild activities.

  • No player advertisements. This thread is for guild advertisements only.
  • Do not reply to advertisements here. Instead, send a private message to the poster/guild recruiter or join their recruitment channel if they have one.
  • Do not post anything that is not a guild advertisement. This means no "I sent you a PM" or anything like that. This includes telling people not to post here. If you see such a post, flag it as "Other" or "Spam" and a mod will remove it.
  • Do not post personal contact information, such as chat IDs or email addresses, here. That information should only be handed out through private messages. Links to third-party chat servers/channels are OK.
  • Feel free to update your ad as often as you like to include relevant information, such as answers to frequently asked questions, current recruitment status, the size of your waitlist, more awesomeness, etc.
  • One ad per guild.


How you sell your guild is up to you but please try to keep it to a reasonable length. Some basic information you should include is:
  • Your guild name
  • Forum usernames of your guild recruiters
  • Link to your guild's recruitment chat server/channel, if applicable (Discord, Line, etc)
  • Your guild's reset time, preferably in terms of UTC or GMT offset (UTC 11:30, GMT -06:00, etc)
  • What tier of raids your guild completes and how often
  • How well your guild does at Territory Battles and Territory Wars
  • Your guild's minimum activity/participation requirements
  • Minimum player level/GP and character requirements, if any
  • Anything else you feel is important for people to know
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  • JamDev
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    We are a UK based guild but have members from all over the world. We are always active on Discord and are happy to give support and advice wherever we can. Rules and strategy are decided as a group, so all members have a full say in any decisions that affect them.

    A bit more about us:

    - GP 270m

    - Time zone GMT

    - HPit 3x weekly HAAT 2x weekly, HSTR and Pit Challenge as often as possible!

    - Daily refresh is at 1am.

    - Raids begin with 24hr registration period.

    - Pit Challenge (recently completed for the first time!) and HSTR attack phase start at 7pm, Rancor and HAAT are simmed.

    - Geo TB DS 30*, LS 15*, 30-35 Wat shards, 2-5 KAM Shards

    - Winning record in Territory Wars

    - Check us out at

    We are looking for active players that are keen to make progress in a friendly, supportive environment, you don't have to be the finished article, just eager to improve and willing to take part in guild events. Preference given to players with GP over 4m but will make exceptions for players with lower GP if they are active and improving fast. Just took down the Pit Challenge for the first time but working on making that a bit easier so CPit ready teams are a major plus. 600 raid tickets daily and participation in TB/Cpit is expected. Only other requirements are that you be active, enthusiastic and have, (or are willing to download) Discord for communication.

    If you would like an invite, or have any questions, PM me here, add me on Discord at; Jam Dev#6795 or join our recruitment channel at: (Recruitment channel is best for a quick response).

  • mikebtp
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    PESTILENCE and WACE MINDU 4 PREZ are looking for a group of like minded folks who are interested in forming a 2 guild alliance from the best of 3 guilds.

    PESTILENCE is currently at 194m gp after a couple retirements and kicking a couple of inactives. WM4P is 130m but in need of some new blood. Our group is made up of a bunch of chill, grown folks who like to have fun. We don'thave a ticket req cause our members participate daily. We currently run all heroic raids and are experimenting with cPit.

    25 spots available including officer positions between the 2 guilds

    If this sounds like something your guild or group would be interested in, feel free to contact me

    in game 954-283-259

    On Discord ObiWanJabroni#2659

    or here

    Below is our outline idea for an alliance....


    First & foremost, I want this plan to be mutually beneficial to both guilds and it is in no way set in stone. It is easily editable and open to negotiation. All that said, what I envision is:

    SPLIT LEADERSHIP-Current guild leaders would stay in place at all times. Officers (we currently have 9) would rotate between guilds for a set period of time (2weeks to 1 month) on a voluntary basis or scheduled if there are no volunteers. This would allow everyone a chance to meet teammates and gives everyone chance to gain bigger rewards regularly.

    ACCELERATED GROWTH FOR SMALLER (ACTIVE) MEMBERS-A number of team members with smaller rosters would be moved to bigger guild (I propose 3-5 at a time) with the scheduled officer cycle in order to fast track their growth through bigger rewards. This would also allow for some familiarity within the team while allowing these team members to contribute to guild activities sooner than they'd be able to.


    SHARED RECRUITING-Would allow bigger members of smaller guild to move into bigger guild as positions become available with familiarity of strategies and teammates. Also would provide a recruiting advantage to smaller guild by having the benefit of shared resources, teammates, potential advancement.

    SHARED TEAM MEMBERS-Ideally some smaller/less active teammates from the bigger guild would be moved from the bigger guild to the smaller guild, while some bigger/more active teammates would move into the bigger guild from the smaller guild. This would be offset by the rotation of officers from the big guild to the smaller guild and rotation of small/active teammates to the bigger guild for accelerated growth. This will also allow smaller teammates from the big guild to earn better rewards through higher rankings in raids etc once moved to the smaller guild whole allowing the accts moving into the bigger guild better rewards as well. Again increasing everyone's growth at a faster rate.
  • JoryG87
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    In an elite guild looking for something less demanding? In a casual guild looking to kick it up a notch? KØR Jedi is a European-based guild looking for players like you to replace some players that have recently quit the game.

    • 236M GP with 5 open slots
    • Focused on increasing KAM shards (currently 2) and ramping up for Challenge Rancor

    • DS Geo TB: 26-27 stars when full
    • LS Geo TB: 13-14 stars when full
    • 20+ Wat shards
    • Guild Reset time: 18:30Z
    • HSTR: 19:00Z
    • Rancor/Tank fully simmed

    Preferred Candidates:
    • Active daily
    • 5.5M+ GP
    • At least 1 GL or very close
    • Able to complete KAM mission
    • Must participate in TB
    • Must participate in TW if you join
    • Discord and accounts

    If you meet or are close to meeting these requirements, come help us take down that Rancor!
  • Squalo
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    Anarchy Empire (Part of the Villians Alliance) is looking committed members who want to continue to progress with us. We’ve been around for over 3 years as a guild and have many long time members. We are highly active and competitive, but we don’t have any of the forced requirements.
    We are 297mil gp
    Guild Details:
    -HPit- Sim3x’s a week (24 hour join)
    -HAAT- Sim,3x’s a week (24 hour join)
    -HSTR- 2x’s a week (24 hour join period- Rotating mornings and evenings for different time zones, we rotate 10pm est and 12pm est)
    -NEW RANCOR RAID on farm and completing it in about 10 hours.
    -Great TW win percentage! Around 65% win rate
    -Dark Side Geo 31stars (42+WAT shards)
    -Light Side Geo 19stars (8+KAM shards)
    Looking for:
    1) 5.5mil gp (definitely consider lower with focused rosters)
    2) discord and .gg page
    3) Geo Tb Teams (Wat able & Kam attempt)
    4) Full TB (every phase) and TW (if you join) participation
    5) 600 tickets highly encouraged but not enforced- our members enjoy the game so most are getting it.
    6) active, talkative and friendly people
    7) At least 1 GL.
    8) CPit teams.
    Anarchy Empire · SWGOH.GG

    If interested you can message me here, ingame @ ally code: 728-164-266 or on discord @ Squalo#4613 Thanks for considering us!cps9ielmda1t.png
  • Mik_Prat_Rel
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    Lazy Chiss Warriors Alliance — 7 guilds 80-305M+ GP — discord: ANY9QEM


    Lazy Chiss Warriors is an alliance of 7 guilds ranging from 305M+ down to 80M and full of Star Wars fans from around the world, brought together by SWGoH.

    • Chiss Ascendancy's Vengeance (CAV)
    • Chiss Expeditionary Defense Fleet (CEDF)
    • 501st Rangers
    • Kessel or Bust
    • Lazy Padawans
    • Galaxy of Galactic Padawans
    • Ewocalypse

    Most of our guilds are farming Wat, and our top guild (CAV) is winning KAM shards as well.

    What we ask of players:

    • Must be active daily on Discord
    • 600 Daily Raid Tickets Mandatory
    • Full participation in TB & TW

    Join our alliance discord and we will answer any questions you have!

    We look forward to meeting you!
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    **Do you want to be in a great guild, but you don’t want SWGOH to feel like you have a second job? Want 30* rewards in Geo DS and 17* Geo LS? We’re a competitive guild, with active leadership, and we’re flexible with our requirements, since real life comes first.

    We’re looking for someone who is at least 3 million GP, is a daily player, has 1 GL and is committed to improving their roster. **

    Adult Gaming is recruiting. We're a Heroic Sith guild that is team-focused, with active leadership. We’re competitively, but we understand real life comes first and that the game should not feel like a second job. We’re looking for active players that participate in all events and are committed to improving their rosters.

    -We run only Heroic Raids.
    -All Raids are 24hrs no damage. Haat launches at 8pm Eastern and is FFA, Sith launches at 9pm Eastern and is also FFA. Rancor raid launches at 7pm Eastern and is on sim.
    -TW: We have a pretty good win streak going. People who prefer not to attack are asked to deploy their roster on defence, those who like attacking keep their rosters for defence.
    -Heroic Rancor: we have beaten Rancor.
    -We have a Line chat we encourage people to join, but it's not mandatory.
    -We ask that players do a minimum of 450 daily raid tickets, but we don't boot people out because real life gets in the way and they might have low tickets sometimes.
    -Our Galactic Power is at 289 million.

    -We're competitive, but we understand that real life comes first. You won't get booted if you're away on vacation, just let us know.
    -We're team-focused, with veterans who are happy to give advice and stable leadership.


    -Must be level 85 and minimum 3 million total roster galactic power and a have a GL
    If you're interested please send me an ally request in the game and DM me. My Ally Code is 383-247-961 (PadmeSkywalker).

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    301mil GP UK Guild

    Currently looking for players to join us!

    Clearing all heroic raids, Including the challenge rancor raid (AFTER THE UPDATE)

    - Guild Reset - 5.30pm (UK)
    - HRancor (Simmed) - 6.00pm - (UK)
    - HTank (Simmed) - 6.00pm (UK)
    - Challenge Rancor - 9.00pm-9.45pm (UK)
    - HSTR - 9.00pm (UK)
    - Discord required
    - Daily contribution of 600 Tickets is encouraged but we understand RL may affect that so no pressure!
    - LSTB 45 Star (suspended)
    - DSTB 48 Stars (suspended)
    - DS Geo - 31 Stars - LS Geo - 22 stars
    - Need to contribute to TW/TB

    5mil GP is the minimum requirement, If you don’t meet the requirements but have a focused roster please visit our discord and we can definitely talk about it!

    We are a fun, friendly and helpful guild! Join our discord to find out more about us!
  • Iandog
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    We are currently looking for two motivated hard working guildmates.

  • YodaDoc
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    Chairborne Rangers (Invite only)

    Spots open: 5+

    About us...
    No force farming
    On farms/sims HPIT, HAAT, HSTR - 24 hours wait period, for HSTR, rotating every 3 hours
    26 Geo DSTB, 28 WAT shards
    11 Geo LSTB, 1 KAM shards
    44 Hoth LSTB

    Must be active - daily players only (not casual)
    Must be at minimum level 85
    Must be at minimum have 3m GP
    Must have account

    Here's our rules...
    Do the quest's daily guild activities and generate at least 300 tickets (20 misses in 2 months, get removed)
    No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    We have strike system... for TB/TW. If rule for strategy broken, get a strike. 3 strikes, get removed.

    Rules are as follow...
    For TW defense, if you join, must score points otherwise get a strike.
    For TB, anyone do rebel action, get a strike (rarely happened). Must produce minimum waves.

    Discord is optional - rated PG
  • Options

    Current GP 238M - Open Spots

    Looking for active players, 3M+ preferred but negotiable.

    GEO DSTB 26* & 25+ WAT shards
    GEO LSTB 11* & KAM Shard
    TW - OPTIONAL (90% Win Rate)

    HPIT - Sim
    HAAT- Sim
    HSTR ROTATING Times, 12pm EST 7pm EST
    CRancor - chipping at it

    600 Daily, Unless Real Life

    No Force Farms - Just Having Fun

    If interested message me:
    LINE seisdose612
    DISCORD SeisDose#8949
  • Jecklund
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    Womprat Taco is looking to add a few new members!

    Some of our guild info:

    Guild GP 154 Mil
    Heroic Sith Raid
    Hoth 33 stars
    Geonosis (DS) 10 stars
    Geonosis (LS) 5 stars

    We are a mix of player levels with around 30% of the guild over 4mil GP
    Prefer 1 Mil GP min
    We have a discord channel, but not mandatory

    Not a lot of guild rules, just participate what you can and have fun playing some Star Wars.

    If interested message me in game or on the forums:

    Username: jecklund
    Ally Code: 338-484-932
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    SΔRLΔCC Refugees

    Within the Dune Sea of Tatooine lies the Great Pit of Carkoon. Our merry band of bounty hunters and force sensitives share a common story: we all faced Jabba and his Sarlacc, defied the odds, and made it out alive to tell the story.

    As a guild formed at the game’s onset, we have a rich history of helping players learn and grow in SWGOH. Our guild is goal-oriented while maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere. As a member of the WØRLD ALLIΔNCE there are also ample opportunities to interact with the community.

    We've become the forever home for players from across the galaxy over the years, so whether you're a Jedi or Sith Master, a sarcastic assassin droid, or just a scoundrel with an itchy trigger finger, SΔRLΔCC Refugees has a place for you!

    Guild info:
    - 44/50 members, 211 million GP
    - Heroic raids, working on CPit
    - 8:30pm ET raids
    Interested members must:
    - Be around 3.5+ mil GP
    - Communicate and join discord
    - Follow officer orders in TB/TW
    - Aim to improve arena and ships ranking
    - Maintain a positive attitude

    PM me on discord or in-game chat (256-121-811) if you're interested in joining our merry band of guildmates.
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    Skum & Villany

    We are currently at 175m GP, with 10 open spaces. We are a casual guild, but looking for additional dedicated players. Team-based atmosphere. Discord strongly encouraged, not required.

    S&V is an established (5ish years) guild with a nice blend of long-haulers (4-6M GP) and some newer blood (2M+ GP). We have always been, and intend to remain, independent.

    • All heroic raids (working our way into CPit)
    • Both Geos-DS 14 ⭐️ (5 Wat shards last round); LS 7⭐️; currently encouraging more Skum to gear up Geonosians to improve Wat shards
    • 9 GLs and many more inbound.
    • Won 3 of last 4 TWs

    1. TB-6M minimum (deploy most days)
    2. TW- you sign up, you fight.
    3. If you’re going to be off for more than a few days, let an officer know.
    4. Have fun (it’s a game)

    If you think you’d enjoy our wretched hive, and you have 2M GP (or suuuuper close), we would love to have you. C’mon in.
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    Get Twisted!

    Looking for progression-minded and engaged players who enjoy Star Wars and who like being part of a gaming community. Most of the guild is made up of long-time core players who range from whales to F2P. Communication is our biggest thing. We like to say we "straddle the elite/casual line."

    TB is a focus as well as Challenge Rancor.

    We're rather organized, we're told, and we work together on development roadmaps that speed up our guild progress. gy56uvzs4enb.jpg

    If you're interested in a guild with many knowledgeable players, bad jokes, and a rich Discord, pop in for a chat!


  • Zhangster
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    Guild: Scruffiest Nerf Herders


    Guild Power: 225M
    Guild Members: 49/50

    We are looking for active players who have nice rosters with a minimum of 3M GP. We have a fun time in this guild. If real-life stuff comes up, we understand. We are very active and expect each member to contribute in every phase in TB and each TW.

    Guild Reset Time: 6:30 PM CST, 11:30 PM UTC

    Heroic Rancor, once every 2-3 days
    Heroic AAT, once every 3-4 days
    Heroic Sith Raid, once every 4-5 days

    Territory Battles:
    Dark Side: 26 Stars
    Light Side: 13 Stars

    My personal Info: (Contact me if you have further questions.)
    Recruiter: Zhangster
    My Ally Code: 814-177-546
    Discord Name: Admiral Thrawn#3384

    If this guild is for you, search us up in the Guild search in-game, and come walk on in. :)
    Guild Discord Link:
  • Thrawn
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    LeadersThatDontLeave is 312M GP with one spot open.


    5.8M+ GP
    TB-focused roster that can get a Wat & KAM shard
    1+ Galactic Legend toons
    600 raid tickets/day
    Active discord
    SWGOH.GG profile

    Guild reset time is 7:30pm Eastern.

    31 :star: in DS Geo TB
    21 :star: in LS Geo TB

    Challenge rancor on farm starting at 8:00pm Eastern.

    HSTR alternates between 1:00pm and 8:00pm Eastern; solos need to wait 45 minutes before completing the run.

    If we sound like a good fit and you would like to learn more about us, come chat with us on Discord
    "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
  • Ohana11
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    Universal Peacekeepers - (Elite Reborn Alliance)

    What We Offer:

    Our guild is at 211mil GP, and we’re currently looking to fill 2 spots. We require active participation, with a target of 300 raid tickets/day; however, no one gets kicked unless they're inactive without notice for over a week, or consistently missing TB participation. TW is optional, but if you join you must contribute.

    - TW: we have a very good TW track record, with about 80% wins over the last year.
    - DS Geo: 23* / 23 Wat Shards on our last run.
    - LS Geo: 10* latest attempt. We throw in a LS Hoth once every 4 LS TBs (43* last attempt).
    - All raids are FFA, and commence at 8pm GMT. Top 10 in HSR is usually very obtainable.

    Most the folks in our guild are located in the UK or Europe. With some in the US, and others scattered about.

    We’re a friendly group that likes to chat on Discord about the game and real life. We would love to add some new members to join the team!

    The Elite Reborn alliance is a group of 8 independently-operated guilds. Even if you're not interested in the UP's, we can find a good fit for you in another guild if needed. The link to our alliance discord server is below. Feel free to drop in and say hello.
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    We are the Snackbars Elite

    Just imagine that we have a really cool pic right here to get your attention

    We are a mixed bunch of active dudes based mainly in the UK- each of us doing our own journeys- we currently have a gp of 70m+ and hopefully on the verge of getting to the geo TB.

    We want to make sure our guild remains active but most of all fun.

    We all know that real life comes first and that this is just a game so we ask our members to be committed on a casual basis, partaking in all guild activities and doing their daily tasks and tickets most of the time.

    The guild is in a really good place do if you have a gp around 1.5m and fancy a chilled out place to play then give me a shout on discord davey26388#6161 or in game 467-199-529.

    We do all heroic raids including sith (with a little help from our friends) and we are also pretty successful on both the TB and TW front so it’s an exciting time to join up - we have won 5 of the last 8 TWs and now get close to 30 stars in both Hoth TBs.

    This is a fun place to be and we do like to have a bit of a chat/ rant about many random things- If you want to be part of this then we look forward to hearing from you.
  • Mol_Baskin
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    Guild Name: DarthBiffBrigade

    We are friendly guild open to experienced and new players. Our Discord is optional. We expect daily activity, but appreciate that real life happens. Members are removed if inactive over 14 days.

    Galactic Power is 142M. Our member GP ranges from 116K to 6.8M, so we have both brand new players and very experienced players.

    We do all Herioc raids, so Traya shards are available to all members.

    We are competitive in Territory Wars and looking for players wanting to contribute.

    For Territory Battles, we alternate between the Hoth and Geonosis TBs. This provides fun for new players and opportunities for the more experienced players to earn Mk II Guild Event Tokens.

    We have a few open slots, feel free to contact me to get our current status.

    Contact Mol Baskin, 626-223-292, in game if you are interested.
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  • Anomiel
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    214m gp

    Jumpers, we are a community thats looking for a couple of active new family members, to join and grow with us.

    Heroic Sith 7pm UTC, - 1 day join and killing in about 1 hour.

    We are doing dark geo and hoth..but looking to switch over once we have grown a bit more.

    we have discord, but its not mandatory.

    only thing we require is that you play the events, - Tw optional.

    and 2.5mill gp

    Anomiel (233-486-996)
    Civil Servant og Jumpers

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  • ReggaeTom
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    Great Opportunity

    We are looking for the last few players who can help us finish Cpit without using mercs from our alliance guilds.

    About us
    Gp-244 mill
    Ls geo-13 stars( 6 kam shards)
    Ds geo-28 stars(30 wat shards)
    Run all heroic raids with a 24 hour join period

    What are we looking for, Ideally.
    We are looking for 4.5mill gp+(Focused rosters)
    Need to be capable of getting both a wat shard and a KAM shard.
    Overall looking to complete Cpit immently without mercs so are looking for you to have a few teams capable of contributing - Ideally SLKR and Shaak Clones.
    Expect 600 tickets everyday(we all have lives if you can’t make it let us know)
    Need to be active for Tb and TW
    Discord is mandatory and we expect activity on an almost daily basis

    Check out or Dm me if your interested in joining us ReggaeTom#0078
  • Captain_Caveman1
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    Looking for ACTIVE players around 2.5 million GP

    Guild: Warriors of Mándalore
    Guild GP: 169 million
    26 WAT shards and growing every DSGTB
    We have open spots

    The lowdown:
    Warriors of Mándalore is a group of very friendly, mostly F2P players working hard to help each other progress through the game, while realizing real-life commitments absolutely come first.

    Guild focus is on building Geo squads so we can gain WAT shards. Those who already can are building LS squads so we can transition over to LSGTB.

    The ideal player will:
    - Be at least 2.5M GP
    - Strive for at least 400+ tickets a day
    - Actively participate in Territory Battles
    - Join Territory Wars when you can and fully participate
    - Have a Geo squad that is close to or is capable of getting WAT shards
    - Uses Discord for communication

    All raids have a 24-hour join period and launch at 5:30PM PT / 8:30PM EST
    Pit: Heroic Simmed
    Tank: Heroic Simmed
    Sith: Heroic (Free for all)

    42 stars for LS Hoth.
    24 stars for DS Geo. Plus 26 WAT shards
    We are working to increase these numbers.

    We encourage everyone to join, and if you do join participation in defense and offense is mandatory (unless an issue is addressed with an officer ahead of time)

    - No politics (This is a Star Wars game)
    - Be friendly and treat everyone with respect
    - Keep it Decent (All ages in here)
    - Participate as much as possible
    - Let us know if you’re going to be unavailable for a stretch, BEFORE you become unavailable.

    Any questions or to Join the guild please enter our Recruiting Discord

    Or Contact an officer

    AnthonyTrenor in game at 747-476-579, Discord at AnthonyTrenor#4429

    Scruffy in game at 975-259-585, Discord at Scuffy#2632
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  • lightmatter22
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    Looking for OFFICER POTENTIAL!
    Focus is LSTB and KAM shards
    Cleared New Rancor Raid
    Are you looking to grow and have fun! All GL's Welcome!
    We are an Independent Guild!
    Looking for competitive player
    LSTB, KAM shards and Rancor Raid focus-Knights of the fallen
    Do you have 4.5 mil gp or higher??
    282 mil GP guild 5.6 mil gp Average
    Must have GL
    All Heroic raids-alternate every 2 weeks-24 hour check-in
    Week 1- Heroic rancor- 8pm EST Week 2-7pm EST
    Heroic AAT- 10pm EST Week 2-8pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid- 9pm EST Week 2-6pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB, Rancor Raid,
    49 WAT shards
    KAM shards
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
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    - We are a friendly group very active and helpful officers.
    - We are an Independent Guild!
    - 194M GP
    - Heroic Raids, 24hr Join (Rancor/Tank Sim)
    - DSTB Separatist Might 21 stars, 23 Wat Shards
    - LSTB Republic Offensive 10 stars
    - Guild Reset 19:30 GMT

    - Must be Active
    - Mandatory TW & TB Participation
    - 2.5m+ GP Preferred, we will make exceptions for solid rosters
    - G12+ Geonosians
    - Shaak 501st and other GeoTB teams are a huge bonus
    - Discord
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    Phantons of the Dark busca jugadores de habla hispana, para unirse.
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    Galactic Liberation
    We're a relaxed UK based guild looking to recruit a few keen players. We request that you are active particularly in Territory Wars, contribute daily and most of all have fun. We know life sometimes gets in the way but if you let us know what is going on we can be flexible. We are friendly, helpful and don’t ask for much in return!
    Currently 121m GP with 46/50 members
    Running Sim HAAT, Sim HPit, HSith
    Looking for players with a minimum 1.5 mil GP

    Contact: Cronus (Leader) 724-795-143
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    Greetings from the Nightbrothers Guildhall! We are an active guild focused on fun, not a lot of rules, basically just participate. Lots of old folks/parents but plenty of whipper-snappers too.
    • Name: Nightbrothers
    • 257+ mil GP (plus you!)
    • Your's truly: NavjuJocum ally code: 924-556-344; discord NavjuJocum#5461
    • guild reset 9:30 EDT (East Coast N America)
    • 28/15 stars in Geo TB
    • raids 10 pm EST
    • CPit is out top priority, we just completed it last try, but looking for players that can help make it easier to compete. .
    • very good TW record, very organized, we assign specific players and squads to every squad territory
    • require that players be generally active: get 600-ish most days, participate in TB/TW, hopefully have (or be working on) pillar characters
    • Min 3.5 mil gp, but will take lower if have (or close to) a GL.
    • I am a Virgo, own too many Firefly t-shirts, and really hate long walks on the beach
    • pop quiz hot shots: Why do I hate long walks on the beach?
    Holla if you you want to hop on board team Nightbrothers!
  • Midas
    14 posts Member

    ~200M GP
    Activities refresh 17:30 (EST)
    HAAT/HPIT simmed
    TBs: DS Geo (26*/30+ Wat) & alternating LS 3:1 with Geo (9*, 3 KAM) /Hoth (43*/45+ ROLOs)
    ~75% TW win rate
    27k+ raid tickets daily
    20+ GLs
    Active daily (obvious consideration for travel/emergencies)
    3M+ GP
    500+ raid tix daily
    Mid-level or better understanding of squad synergies, counters, mods, etc.
    Reliability & consistency
    Active Discord
    Multiple meta squads
    G12+ Geos
    Malevolence and/or Negotiator unlocked
    Contribute/participate in nearly all TB/TW
    DM, discord, or in-game message for more details. Guild is healthy mix of F2P, dolphins, and whales. Willing to consider applicants who don't meet all requirements if made up for in other areas (specifically strong speed modding & GAC success). Reliability, knowledge, active participation are most crucial factors. Hope to hear from you soon!
    ALLY: 631-362-688
    DISCORD: EastPoint2Shaolin#1447
    ALLY: 238-878-312
    DISCORD: Midas#9868
    Guyver's Crew Page
  • Options
    Come find your allied at the House of Behn.

    We are a new guild. Our goal is to build ourselves up for successful gameplay for all members.

    We have a strong game etchic:
    1. Family, Work and Life come before the game.
    2. Communication is our strategy.
    3. No player is insignificant.

    Minimum level to join is 50.

    Guild Leader- Sarahi Behn
    Ally code: 291-295-662
    Discord channel available.
    Discord ID. Alexstrazsa #8158

    We will conduct raids as often as possible. Once we build ourselves up a bit, we will schedule them regularly.

    Come join us!
  • Samymac
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    Clones are rebels 2

    Heroic Raids are all 24hr join up, Twice a week, Simmed Pit/Tank

    Guild Specifics:
    Currently at 150m GP
    Tickets: 500+ a day
    TB: Geo TB (18* DS w/ 12+ Wat shards)
    Discord preferred
    Min GP: 2mil+

    We are looking to pick up a few active players to fill in a few vacancies and grow with us, so if you're up for rebelling in a friendly all inclusive guild use the ;

    Contact Details in game;
    Samymac 872462441

    Guild Info:
    1. Be respectful to each other.
    2. Have good play habits.
    3. Participate.
    4. Communicate.
    5. Enjoy playing SWGOH

    We are part of the RSB alliance and have numerous resources to aid development and progress through our hierarchy of guilds.

    Territory Battles
    Attack and deploy in all highlighted Bases.
    500+ tickets

    Territory Wars
    If you sign up for War, ensure you attack and deploy as directed. If you know you are going to be unavailable during the attacking phase, set your teams in defense. Read all base notes before deploying

    We understand real life is a thing, however please inform us if you are going to be inactive and for how long
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