Active Guilds Looking For Players - June 2021 ***READ RULES IN FIRST POST***


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    2mil GP active guild tokens earned everyday along with full participation from officers

    Relaxed but active guild looking to earn gear and go after Galactic Legends
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    Join "Chilled" and grow with us!

    We have a very friendly and positive group of 48 guild members, we support each other, are pretty easy going and are an active group who wants to grow and develop our squads. We run both Light Side Geo (11 stars) and Dark Side Geo (27 stars) Territory Battles. We are working towards getting ready for Challenge Pit.

    Guild GP is at 230 million.

    We are looking for 3.5M+ GP member with strong Geonosians and Sepratists to help with the Dark Side TB, and some squads to help with the Light Side TB preferred. Daily activity and participation in TW and TB is expected.

    We are North America (EST and PT) based, and use discord to plan and co-ordinate our events. All raids have a 24 hour join period. Simmed tank raid and pit.

    Let us know if you have questions -we would love to have you join us and grow together.

    Please reach out and let's chat.
    Sam Wise ( Ally code - 541-139-945 )
    Discord: Samth3star#8935
    Guild Name: Chilled
  • ZeroCool
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    Red5Rogue2 225+ Million GP Strong

    Friendly active guild willing to help with growth. We use and Discord.
    Heroic Rancor: Roughly every 1-2 days with a 24 hour join period starting at 3:30pm PST.
    Heroic HAAT: Roughly every 1.5 days with a 24 hour join period starting at 5:30pm PST.
    Heroic Sith Triumvirate: Roughly once every 2-3 days at 3:30pm PST.
    Rancor Unleashed: Roughly once every 2-3 days at 3:30pm PST. Yes, we clear CPit.
    TB: Currently, we are focusing on ONLY running DS Geonosian TB with an average 27 stars, which includes 40++ WAT shards. For LS TB we average 17 stars and 8 Kam shards. We dont have plans to revisit the HOTH version for now.
    TW: We have several members that have impeccable teams both for offense and defense. Holding our own, but looking to bolster the ranks (about 90% win rate)!
    600 Tickets Daily, we ask that you play as often as possible, but ask that you give us a heads up if you will be away for a period of time to help prevent removal from the guild. Also, we understand we all have lives outside SWGOH, but do your best to Participate in all events.
    3.5+ million GP (But, willing to help all because we were once where you were and understanding what it takes to build on loyalty. Contact us if less than 3.5!million to improve your chances to join us, all GP are negotiable)
    Revans, General Anakin Skywalker, Galactic Republic and Geonosian squads are preferred however there are no character requirements.
    In Game: PhoTime Ally code: 187-815-362
    In Game: BobaStark Ally code: 791-167-146
    PhoTime#1654 BobaStark#1531
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    **Mutineers without Fears**
    :star:227m GP guild:star:

    Relaxed guild looking for active, dedicated and focused players.
    We offer a friendly environment for people to evolve their rosters and grow in the game.

    What we ask:
    :star: Present on Discord
    :star: 600 daily tickets
    :star: Full contribution in TW/TB (Sign up, show up)
    :star: WAT mission ready
    :star: Focused roster, GP less relevant

    What we offer:
    :star: DS Geo TB 27 stars
    :star: LS Geo TB 13-14 stars
    :star: Great TW record
    :star: ~25 WAT shards
    :star: Guild reset/Heroic raids 7.30pm UK time
    Actively working towards CPIT completion coordinated by officers

    Interested? Feel free to hop onto discord or shoot me a dm @ Zicasius#0072
  • AckbarJyn107
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    Join the Suspicious Pandas!
    We are an active guild with a casual atmosphere. F2P and P2P friendly!

    TL;DR of our Recruitment page:

    -Currently 49/50
    -Reset@2:30am UTC
    -Guild Leader: AckbarJyn

    -18 stars&~14 Wat shards DSGeo/8 Stars LSGeo
    -60/40 win rate in TW, guaranteed zeta(s) from sign up and participation.
    -Heroic Raids launched often; roughly at least one every other day.

    -Communicating is key, we do what is best to support the guild and we understand life comes first.
    -Discord required.

    -No hard character requirements, however Geonosians appreciated to gain more Wat shards :)
    -2.5 GP min requirement, exceptions can be made case by case.
    -We require participation in TW&TB, and to engage with Raids in any form. Everyone gets rewards after all!

    -If interested and want more in depth details, our recruitment channel:
    Once you enter our server, one of our Officers will be with you shortly.
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  • lightmatter22
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    Looking for OFFICER POTENTIAL!
    Focus is LSTB and KAM shards
    Cleared New Rancor Raid
    Are you looking to grow and have fun! All GL's Welcome!
    We are an Independent Guild!
    Looking for competitive player
    LSTB, KAM shards and Rancor Raid focus-Knights of the fallen
    Do you have 5.0 mil gp or higher??
    283 mil GP guild 5.6 mil gp Average
    Must have GL
    All Heroic raids-alternate every 2 weeks-24 hour check-in
    Week 1- Heroic rancor- 8pm EST Week 2-7pm EST
    Heroic AAT- 10pm EST Week 2-8pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid- 9pm EST Week 2-6pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB, Rancor Raid,
    48 WAT shards
    KAM shards
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
  • MManarth
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    Beskar Bounty Hunters is looking for 3 more active players to join a 96M active/relaxed guild

    We run heroic raids, dark GEO, and light Hoth

    Guild reset is 7:30 PM EST. Raids take place around the same time.

    Bring a good attitude

    5 days inactive without notice = kick

    Participation in TB is a must

    Discord/Experienced Members to provide advice

    RaidHan, Kenobi, Traya Shards to build out your team

    No GP Minimum

    24 Hr notice for raids

    18-1 TW record with SLKR and GAS squads
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    Grow your rosters with us in the Council of Dark Elders:

    About us:

    - Guild GP 169 mil
    - Have great core of daily players
    - Most of us been together for years
    - We don't micro manage
    - We help each other
    - Actively working on, and towards GL's
    - Friendly atmosphere
    - U.S. central time

    What we're looking for:

    - Daily players
    - GP: Preferably 4mil (Lower GP will
    still be considered based on Roster)
    - Tickets: 500+ daily
    - TB: Participation is mandatory.
    Participate in deployment, CM's,
    and platoon assignments.
    - TW: Participation is mandatory.
    Follow plans laid out for defense
    deployment and attacking.
    - Lack of participation for 7 days without
    notification = removal
    - Must have profile
    - Discord used for platoon assignments
    - Do at least the minimum asked and
    have fun doing it. = )

    What we do:

    - LS Hoth: 33* and climbing
    - DS Geo: 13* w/ 10 WAT shards and
    - HPit: 24 Join period. Raid Simmed.
    Guaranteed 10 Han shards and gear
    for everyone
    - HTank: 24 Hour Join Period
      Raid simmed. Guaranteed 6 Kenobi 
     shards for everyone
    - HSith : 24 Hour Join Period - FFA

    Talk with our recruiters today!
  • JediJon
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    We’re looking for 2 active players to come and join us, take a look below and if that sounds like you then give us a shout!

    • No Younglings Allowed 289M – an original day 1 independent UK guild (48/50)
    • Guild Activities refresh 19:30 (GMT+1)
    • All Heroic Raids (24hr join period)
    • PIT is simmed
    • HAAT is simmed
    • HSTR 20:00 (GMT+1)
    • CPit on farm
    • Geonosis TBs only/we expect 100% participation
    • DS 31 stars/30+ Wat shards
    • LS 19 stars and rising/9+ KAM shards
    • TW is optional, all we ask is that you’re active for both setup and attack if you join
    • 600 Raid Tickets a day would be great (500+ minimum)
    • Our player-base - UK, USA, Canada, Chile, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, India, Philippines, Taiwan and Australia

    • 5.5M+ GP (5M+ with a strong focused roster will be considered)
    • Ideally have strong squads for both Geonosis TBs including 7* Negotiator and Malevolence
    • Have at least 1 GL
    • CPit ready R5+ squads
    • An active Discord account
    • A profile

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    Rori - 250mil - Part of the Republic Alliance

    Ever wanted to take on a bigger role within a guild? Well now is your chance! Join today to be a part of something great!

    What we offer:
    -28 :star: DS Geo (40 WAT Shards)
    -16 :star: LS Geo (5 KAM Shards)
    -Reset Time: 2330 UTC (1930pm EST)
    -Raid Times: 1800 / 2200 EST
    -Preparing for cPit

    What we're looking for:
    -4.8mil GP Rosters (Some exception will be made for focused rosters)
    -500 Tickets Average Per Week
    -Full participation in all guild events
    -Preferred: WAT Ready Geos, LSTB & DSTB Focused Teams


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    Spicerunners of Kessel

    Looking for 2 good peeps.

    We don't have some fancy graphic (we have lives too, you know).

    We are currently at 215 million GP and looking to increase our roster with active players. No mandatory minimum, but it is greatly appreciated to get your 600 tickets (or as close to) every day and participate in TWs and TBs. If you gotta do life, let us know. Had to trim members recently due to long periods of inactivity with no heads up or messages.

    We are on EST USA time zone, but have members all over, and even across the pond. Our guild cut over is 1600 EST.

    Doing all heroic raids on farm. (HPIT on sim.)

    DS Geo TB 18+ stars and breaking into getting Wat shards.
    * Sometimes alternate with DS Hoth for tokens and IPD shards; 40+ stars there and wanted to max it out with better participation!

    LS Hoth TH 44 stars and wanting to max those out with better participation!

    5/5 TW win streak!

    Useful, but not mandatory.

  • JamDev
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    We are a UK based guild but have members from all over the world. We are always active on Discord and are happy to give support and advice wherever we can. Rules and strategy are decided as a group, so all members have a full say in any decisions that affect them.

    A bit more about us:

    - GP 274m

    - Time zone GMT

    - HPit 3x weekly HAAT 2x weekly, HSTR and Pit Challenge as often as possible!

    - Daily refresh is at 1am.

    - Raids begin with 24hr registration period.

    - Pit Challenge (recently completed for the first time!) and HSTR attack phase start at 7pm, Rancor and HAAT are simmed.

    - Geo TB DS 30*, LS 15*, 30-35 Wat shards, 2-5 KAM Shards

    - Winning record in Territory Wars

    - Check us out at

    We are looking for active players that are keen to make progress in a friendly, supportive environment, you don't have to be the finished article, just eager to improve and willing to take part in guild events. Preference given to players with GP over 4m but will make exceptions for players with lower GP if they are active and improving fast. Just took down the Pit Challenge for the first time but working on making that a bit easier so CPit ready teams are a major plus. 600 raid tickets daily and participation in TB/TW/Cpit is expected. Only other requirements are that you be active, enthusiastic and have, (or are willing to download) Discord for communication.

    If you would like an invite, or have any questions, PM me here, add me on Discord at; Jam Dev#6795 or join our recruitment channel at: (Recruitment channel is best for a quick response).

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    Looking for new Mandalorian recruits!!

    Discord required for daily communication and team work, raid list and expectations.

    Heroic only raids, with consistent TW/TB.

    Participation is required while active, inactivity cannot last over 7 days.

    Check out our guild link!

    Message me on discord or Heroes for more!!!
    In game ally code: 598-145-4465ewb391h8l4e.png
  • Binxy
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    Guild-Name: Brōtherhood of Darkness
    Guild-GP: 292m

    Geo LSTB: 21/36 (5+ KAM Shards)
    Geo DSTB: 32/33 (40+ Wat Shards)
    Hoth LSTB: 45/45
    Hoth DSTB: 48/48

    HPIT: 19:00 UTC (on sim)
    HAAT: 20:00 UTC (on sim)
    CPIT: 21:00 UTC (on farm)
    HSTR: 22:00 UTC (on farm)

    Discord Server:
    Discord Host: Binxy#9448
    Ally Code: 493-799-258

    The Brōtherhood of Darkness is a fully heroic independent guild focussed on Territory Battles, Challenge Rancor and Territory Wars. We are now recruiting players with a minimum GP of 5m, preferably with 1-2 Galactic Legends, who can complete the KAM mission and are ready to compete with a very active and friendly, fun guild.
  • MutineerRA
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    Mutiners without fears (yes, the guild name is spelt wrong!)

    49/50...low turnover of players

    227mil gp.....Friendly, relaxed but very active guild

    Sith raid 7.30pm uk time. Working towards cpit

    Geo Tbs (geo squad for wat shards is a must)
    LS 13-14* DS 26-27*
    25 wat shards

    Good tw strategy and record (if you sign up, you show up)

    Looking for a 600 ticket daily player with a focused roster

    Give me a shout if you have any questions.
    Obi Dan 949-699-318

  • Ilinso1
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    256M GP
    You have an opportunity to join The REKoning! We are a great guild and part of A Very Good Alliance Co. with solid active players. We ask for full participation in every game mode. We want 5+M GP but can be negotiated lower depending on roster.

    We win 60-75% of our matches. We have a vibrant discord community.

    LS Geos: 17 Stars and 10+ KAM shards
    DS Geos: 30 stars and +35 Wat shards

    Raid Times:
    Pit/HAAT: 3:00 PM EST//20:00 UTC
    HSTR: 4:00 PM EST//21:00 UTC
    CPIT: 8:00 PM EST//01:00 UTC

    Guild Type: Competitive/active - 600 tickets/day, must be active in all guild activities.

    We're needing active players in all aspects of the game.
    This is a great place!
    Are you ready for the challenge?!

    Come talk with our officers and learn more.
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    Greetings, scum and villainy!

    Are you looking for a fun, active, and growing guild? Then Krath Battalion is the guild for you! We have 3 spots available and want to add new members before the start of the next DS Geo TB!

    Info about us:

    Guild Name: Krath Battalion
    GP: 213 million GP (47/50 members, average of 4.5 million)
    TBs: at least 23* in DS Geo TB (get at least 20 Wat shards every TB), 11* in LS Geo TB
    TWs: Win 60-70%
    Raids: Do all heroic, working towards completing CPIT profile:
    Discord: We will invite you once you join the guild!
    More Info:
    We are primarily based in the Eastern time zone of the US, but we have members all over the US, in Europe, and a member in Brazil. We have nearly 2 dozen GLs as a guild, and a couple members have multiple GLs.

    The ideal member should...

    - have AT LEAST 3 million GP, but higher would be preferred
    - be pursuing a GL (already owning one isn't 100% necessary, but it is preferred)
    - have a roster that can contribute heavily in one Geo TB or contribute some in both Geo TBs (at least a Geo squad that can earn Wat shards is the minimum)

    If you want to join or have questions, contact me on here or in game! My ally code is 314-991-564
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    Looking for OFFICER POTENTIAL!
    Focus is LSTB and KAM shards
    Cleared New Rancor Raid
    Are you looking to grow and have fun! All GL's Welcome!
    We are an Independent Guild!
    Looking for competitive player
    LSTB, KAM shards and Rancor Raid focus-Knights of the fallen
    Do you have 4.5 mil gp or higher??
    283 mil GP guild 5.6 mil gp Average
    Must have GL
    All Heroic raids-alternate every 2 weeks-24 hour check-in
    Week 1- Heroic rancor- 8pm EST Week 2-7pm EST
    Heroic AAT- 10pm EST Week 2-8pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid- 9pm EST Week 2-6pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB, Rancor Raid,
    48 WAT shards
    KAM shards
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
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  • O2B2
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    All filled up!
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  • Lowynn
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    I'm Lowynn (one of the officers in the guild SithAndTwisted 66). We are currently looking for 1 player (at least 3 mil GP +), to fill our ranks.

    Guild Info:

    1) 168 million GP
    2) Our guild is based on the E.S.T.
    3) Our raids typically start at 6:00 p.m.
    4) Heroic Pit Raid and HAAT ARE "simmed," & HSTR is on "farm status"
    5) LS Hoth = 42-43 Stars, DS Hoth = 43-44 Stars,
    DS Geo = 14-15 Stars (acquiring Wat shards)


    1) 300 Raid Tickets per day minimum
    2) Discord is mandatory
    3) After joining our Discord Server register with Echobase and obtain your Discord role
    4) Your game profile must be registered with
    5) Familiarize yourself with our guild rules, raid info, guild needs,
    6) Participation in TB's & TW's is required (joining either event without contributing isn't an option).

    We understand that real life takes precedence over SWGoH, just post a message in the "absence channel" in Discord if you are unable to attend/particpate in TB's or TW's.

    Last but not least, if you apply to our guild, I will respond to your application in SWGoH as quickly as possible, or you can message me here, either way is fine. All I ask is that you are available to communicate.

    Ally Code: 574-736-462
  • RabbieBurns
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    Edit: full up!

    Independent 233m GP guild looking for one player

    The usual disclaimers:

    Pit (simmed), HAAT (simmed), HSTR (cleared in about 40 minutes), CRancor (not yet). HSTR launch time rotates forward across 24 hours to give everyone a fair chance to take top spot.

    TB: 26 DS Geo, 12 LS Geo, 20+ Wat, four (and counting) KAM.

    TW: 90% win rate (200m/225m bracket, depending on player availability).

    We’re not big on rules. This is a mature guild. Nobody gets chased for tickets or to join raids. If you sign up for TW and don’t contribute, you’ll be talked about in snide, sarcastic tones. If it happens regularly, you’re binned.

    Discord is best for comms. Not technically mandatory, but if you don’t sign up for it then turn out to be a passenger, the sarcasm will intensify. And you’ll get binned.

    Join us if: you want an active but laid back group; you want great rewards without selling your soul; you’re happy to take responsibility for your own contribution to the guild.

    Give us a miss if: you need to be told exactly what to do and when; you get angry if anybody disagrees with you.

    Message me in-game (545-458-779) or on Discord (RabbieBurns#4045).

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  • Thrawn
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    LeadersThatDontLeave is 315M GP with one spot open.


    5.8M+ GP
    TB-focused roster that can get a Wat & KAM shard
    1+ Galactic Legend toons
    600 raid tickets/day
    Active discord
    SWGOH.GG profile

    Guild reset time is 7:30pm Eastern.

    31 :star: in DS Geo TB
    21 :star: in LS Geo TB

    Challenge rancor on farm starting at 8:00pm Eastern.

    HSTR alternates between 1:00pm and 8:00pm Eastern; 30 minute wait for solos.

    If we sound like a good fit and you would like to learn more about us, come chat with us on Discord
    "In the darkest night, any light is welcome." – I, Jedi
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    The Holdo Maneuver is recruiting!!

    Discord isn’t currently an active part of our guild but you can contact me there if needed
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    Looking for OFFICER POTENTIAL!
    Focus is LSTB and KAM shards
    Cleared New Rancor Raid
    Are you looking to grow and have fun! All GL's Welcome!
    We are an Independent Guild!
    Looking for competitive player
    LSTB, KAM shards and Rancor Raid focus-Knights of the fallen
    Do you have 4.5 mil gp or higher??
    283 mil GP guild 5.6 mil gp Average
    Must have GL
    All Heroic raids-alternate every 2 weeks-24 hour check-in
    Week 1- Heroic rancor- 8pm EST Week 2-7pm EST
    Heroic AAT- 10pm EST Week 2-8pm EST
    Heroic Sith raid- 9pm EST Week 2-6pm EST
    Mandatory: 600 raid tickets, TB, Rancor Raid,
    48 WAT shards
    KAM shards
    Contact me:
    Ally code:516-413-261
    discord:light matter#0565
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  • YodaDoc
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    Chairborne Rangers (Invite only)

    Spots open: 18

    About us...
    No force farming
    On farms/sims HPIT, HAAT, HSTR - 24 hours wait period, for HSTR, rotating every 3 hours
    26 Geo DSTB, 28 WAT shards
    11 Geo LSTB, 1 KAM shards
    44 Hoth LSTB

    Must be active - daily players only (not casual)
    Must be at minimum level 85
    Must be at minimum have 3m GP
    Must have account

    Here's our rules...
    Do the quest's daily guild activities and generate at least 300 tickets (20 misses in 2 months, get removed)
    No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
    We have strike system... for TB/TW. If rule for strategy broken, get a strike. 3 strikes, get removed.

    Rules are as follow...
    For TW defense, if you join, must score points otherwise get a strike.
    For TB, anyone do rebel action, get a strike (rarely happened). Must produce minimum waves.

    Discord is optional - rated PG
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    Alderaan’s Antiques

    We are a focused, but relaxed long time guild looking for 2 active players that like get TB rewards and win at TW.

    Currently at 254M+. Looking for 4.5M+ active players with focused roster.
    We have 13 GLs and growing.
    Revans/GAS/GLs preferred. 5dw9umrghpiu.jpg

    Light/Dark side GEO Raids all heroic with 24 Hour join time. 8PM EST.

    Must: -Participate in all TB -Contribute on offense and defense in TW -600 daily tickets
    Come check us out today

    *Discord required.
    Contact: Azzkicker
    Ally Code: 439-823-278
    Discord: Azzkicker#0952
  • Bez_
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    We are looking for a couple of active players who are active daily to join our guild. The spots have opened due to inactive players being removed from the guild. If you are interested or would like to more info, drop me a message on discord Bez#7598 34ddol99izos.png

  • ssj4tim
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    Slashers Slayers recruiting

    We currently have 10 spots open with a current GP of 175mil . We are an active guild that is looking to push progression in Geo Territory Battles. Currently in Dark Sise Geo we are getting about 10 stars and 8 Wat shards with 40 people. Light side we get about 4 to 5 stars. We are looking for people that are ready to jump right into helping push those numbers higher. We have multiple people working on Geo teams to get more Wat shards.

    Pit and HAAT are simmed and HSTR is launched as soon as tickets are ready with a 1 day join and then gets downed pretty quick. Raids launch at around 9pm EST time.

    Territory War we are pretty solid on winning more than losing with a good handful of Galactic Legends and a good defense plan in place.

    Pit challenge we are still not able to do yet, though we launch it whenever it is up just to give people the ability to test what they can do, but we are constantly progressing so once we fill in our roster we can do a full push and see how we handle it.

    We are a pretty laid back guild, we aren't going to hound you over your shoulder to make sure you farm specific characters or make sure your ticket count is perfect, we just want people that want to participate and hang out. Our only rule is being inactive for more than 3 days without letting someone know you are heading out gets a boot. Discord is available but optional.

    If you are interested message me here, discord is MoSkitz#8359 or in game ally code is 888-928-474.
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