Ally Code Sharing [June 2021]



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    Feel free to add
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    Searching for new allies and a active guild with more raids :)
  • New player here @ level 40. Really enjoying the game, but would be more fun with some allies. Please send invite:396-418-834 Thanks.
  • I’m completely new and I could use some help. Much appreciated!

  • Returning player would love some help. Ally code 375-269-297
  • Blade
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    Sorry, full again.

    Dark Side Battles Lead: Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
    Light Side Battles Lead: JMK
    Cantina Battles Lead: SEE

    Will remove those not active for more than a day.
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  • Returning player looking for allies! My code: 242-774-781
  • Looking for allies 818-475-382
  • Baj
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    New players - feel free to add me, 16 slots available 171-597-451 6mGP, playing for a good few years now etc etc
  • Hello,
    I’m about a 1 1/2 years into the game and would love to help out some new players, because when I started I was helped out in this way, and it was super helpful. I am currently running Relic 5 Jedi Knight Revan (JKR) and Relic 5 Darth Vader.

    Ally Code: 226-584-892

    I have 30 open slots, and won’t remove anyone unless absolutely nessecary.
  • New player lf allies!
    Ally Code: 353-478-457

    Tyvm guys!
  • Hi, new to the game… 0 allies Day 1, please help a newbie out …Tnx in advance and appreciate the help…
    Here is my Ally Code: 762-577-711 :)
  • Blade
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    You can add me if you want 954-923-915
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