Ally Code Sharing [June 2021]


  • Sunnie1978 wrote: »
    Greetings Holo Tables Veterans and Novices,

    Are you a newer player who would like to borrow really strong characters to use on the Light Side, Cantina, Mod Battle or challenge holo-tables?

    Are you an older player who is willing to let others borrow your characters?

    Here, new players and veteran players can post their ally codes!

    Find new allies using the following rules:
    > Post your ally code if your willing to become allies with others in the community!
    > What lead you have set or are looking for on the tables
    > No additional text or the post will be edited/removed

  • 713-878-661
  • 127-495-465
  • 148-651-521 add me please
  • Hello Fellow holotable heroes. I am lvl 85 myself but barely there. My son just started playing the game and would need some allies. If more ppl could help him it would be greatly appreciate.

    Please add Ally Code - 993-479-281
  • I just joined and would love some allies. My code is 548-432-858.
  • Remedii
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    Posting for my alt account I started today. Would appreciate any allies! Vader / Imp Troopers are my top squad if you want any of those.

  • Just started a new account, could use some help 951-679-874
  • Hey Star Wars Fam. Recently just found this game on mobile and looks super interesting. Would love to get some help with progression.

    My Ally Code: 611-283-936.

    Appreciate any help.
    Kind regards
    Chibi Vader 😘
  • 612-841-249
    I'm a new player. Thanks for the add!
  • New player looking for help 166-823-692
  • New player looking for help 649-487-533
    Thank you
  • Newish player (level 45). Hoping to get allies for progression.

    Code is:

  • New player, looking for help. Ally code: 157-799-835
  • just started playing maybe a week ago decided to check it out after rewatching rise of skywalker. if anyone would like to help id much appreciate it.
    ally code is 851-375-134
  • 546-199-332. Feel free to join my guild as well.
  • Hello,

    I’ve played this game on several machines over the past 5 or 6 years. So I’m new again. Ally code is 346-494-284. I’d love to play regularly, but I know this game is pretty much a solo experience until you hit level 85. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll!
  • Heyo I’m a new player at level 55 and would mucho appreciate a GAS and a Strong dark side character 616-649-131
  • Looking for allies new to the game
    Ally code: 361-445-521
  • I'm myself level 51, I play each day so if your looking for allies , my ally code is : 497-112-613
  • I’d appreciate some help at 618-287-882. Much appreciated!
  • Hey! Just started playing. Would appreciate some help. Ally code is: 562-478-354. Thanks!
  • Hi new and looking for allies code is
  • Всем добрый день!!!
    Добавляю в друзья всех желающих, мест много, код союзника 643 722 195.
    Ищу союзников для гильдии. Гильдия мощью 7кк, 4 человека. Набираю всех, требований никаких, ваш онлайн не имеет значения ( игра в свободное время) Гильдия FerroCorpRu.
  • Hi there folks, was told that the best way to find allys to help with progression was to post my code here.
    So here i am, would be cool if some of you Sith Lords would take me under their wings.
    You will find me in the Outer Rim, coordinates 419-265-256.
  • I’d appreciate some help at 758-785-332. Much appreciated!
  • Baj
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    Full up
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  • Hello, my fifth account needs some allies :smile: 671-627-123
  • tRIcKxAM
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    NO Ally-Slots free at the moment!
    I regularly remove inactive players, and will keep this post updated!
    Galactic Power: 6.8M
    Light Side: Relic 7 Jedi Master Kenobi
    Dark Side: Relic 7 Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
    Ally code is 664-591-852
    Only accept requests under level 85!
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  • 131-659-884

    JKA,AT, DV, JC & DT @Lv62 and rising

    There is no emotion, there is only peace.
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