GAC score in Division 7 issues

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I have this F2P account for 2 years and am at 3.2 million GP currently, and I tried my best to complete all the GAC feats. I also have won the past two battles and now at a score of 8643.
My score per Round Win is 1200, so yesterday it was 7443; and I was at the 1st place yesterday, until 5pm EST today.

But I discovered a problem: after 5pm EST today the 1st person(GP:3.7 million) in my division group has a score of 9643, whereas my score is 8643. The 2nd person (GP: 3.1 million) is at 9541. Even I completed my current doable feat, I will get at most 8723.

How come these guys get so many points? Could someone explain to me what happened? Shoulnd't be that in the same division, we can settle the same number of defense slots? I just don't understand how this works... :neutral:jzzy4buz1pp8.jpg


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    Never mind, I was dumb! I didn't set any defense just yet.

    Lol, been there!
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