Bronzium more generous with shards and full toons?

I've noticed for a few weeks now that Bronzium packages (the free ones) are more generous than ever with shards and toons. (Mostly useless toons, but still. It adds up. And its free)

Today I got a full teebo and full ewok scout.

Is it just me? (My luck seems bipolar and extreme, so it might be just me)


  • It's just you!!! I've gotten quite a bit of a stash on gears that I can't use lately.
  • It's extremely rare I get anything above mark 2 gear or a low training droid. Never seen a full character drop. Few shards very very rarely.
  • I've seen it. Shards were rare. Now I get them all the time. I pulled 3 in a row today. It's a nice change.
  • Finn
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    Need some of your luck haven't get any shards or even purple gear even in GW I got only 1 shard and for last few weeks mostly I get for maxed toons
  • I've gotten about 6 full toons that way since I started playing. (Got ewok scout 3 times, but still. Lol)

    I get some of the worst RNG in GW and Arena tho, on a daily basis. To the point where I considered not playing anymore.

    I've spent over 200 energy in cantina to get 1 shard, multiple times.

    And then there's this... Free toons galore.
    Along with the fact that for 2 straight days I got 6/6 bariss shards.


    Luck is a real thing, forget what obi-wan said.
    Since I've been a kid this happens to me.
    Once rolled '1' on a 20-sided die about 4 times consecutively. I don't remember exactly how many times...
    But enough that my brother was stunned in awe at the odds of this happening, and I erupted in a rage and threw everything across the room....

    I've changed since.... Lol.
  • Yep, I pulled 12 JC shards today. First time I've received more than a single shard. It's not RNG. It's been steady for the last few weeks.
  • Iv been getting a lot of shards but hardly any toons. I did have 5's drop the other day which I already have him so I recieved 15 more shards.
  • Yesterday I spent 2,000 of my 20,000 ally points and pulled 3 IG-86s, a snowtrooper, and bad gear. By far this is not the most generous its been to me. Once I pulled 3 Maces in a span of of two weeks and 2 consecutive ewok elders. I might just be lucky. :smile:
  • Cragsi
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    Got a Teebo myself earlier. Was goin through my characters and checking who's gear I could upgrade and he was just sitting there. Obviously I'd clicked skip too many times and assumed it was just a shard of his I got.
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