Bad Batch better trash this GC



  • 310 speed Rex is going first. You really don't need any heavy modding for this GC.
  • crzydroid
    5925 posts Moderator
    Will confirm that 320 speed Rex is plenty to go first. Also, no zeta needed on Echo--the Daze ability is just an omega. Well worth putting on just enough gear to get that ability maxed and add enough speed (plus mods) to go second after Rex. Then he can die.

    The key is for Rex to start with the event ability and then special. Spam the event ability to Annihilate as fast as possible. G12 Rex sufficient.
  • Took 5-6 tries and I did this with r5 501st clones, and a trash 5th (died immediately to Carth’s aoe).
    Wasn’t very hard, just needed the right rng for Rex to not get focused down.
    Pretty mediocre mods, and enemy Carth even went before my Rex. The trick is to not be greedy with the event ability, as it gives you a bonus turn every time, to lower the CD on Aerial Advantage for oneshots.
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