Galactic Conquest - Disk node ideas

I'd like to see a little more logic around the disk nodes, and have a couple of specific suggetsions.
  • do not spawn the node with duplicates of the same disk and rarity, potentially even not at different rarities - it is frustrating to get 2 the same that you weren't hoping for
  • do not spawn white drops for the post boss node, guarantee at least greens for that node please
  • allow us to choose NOT to take a disk, but to take some galactic challenge currency instead, perhaps 50?

Two other ideas around GC ...
  • have changing disks cost energy, not currency - with us trying to save for 2 different premium shard options - Razor Crest and Ashoka - most of us are pretty miserly to begin with, and given the way opponent team speeds scale we probably need some boosters as we go along
  • redesign the ui for the disks, having a collection of disks with similar/same images results in a frustrating experience when changing disks. I'd rather see them listed out with a button to toggle equipping them. Too often I've added them all and then gone through and pruned back down to the limit.

Thanks for the read, generally enjoying the challenge, and think these would not detract from the difficulty yet would be well received and alleviate some frustrations.


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    Having a GL Vader at the end of sector 4 in this galactic conquest is **** makes it impossible to get past unless I spend tons of money whaling my characters. How do you people at Captial Games sleep at night with screwing people over like this? You've made the game impossible to get through unless I spend a **** ton of money on it.
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