Where is TRUE pvp???

I want some way to get this out here. First off, I love the game and I've been playing it for a while. I think a lot of things people want are just personal opinions. I think this is the BIGGEST thing that bugs me. THERE IS NO MODE TO JUST PLAY FOR FUN. Everything requires energy, crystals, x amount of tries, etc (which is fine) but I have some suggestions for a couple new game modes that would make the game much more enjoyable when you're done with everything for the day (which only takes like an hour anyways):

1. FREE BATTLE MODE: You can battle against anyone if you have their ally code and if they're online. I have many friends that play the game and we all want to battle each other. Seems like this would be pretty simple... Why hasn't this been made???

2. Have MANY types of "Arena". Each one having different rewards:

Normal arena (existing one), true pvp arena (you have to actually be fighting the other player on the other side to move up), Lightside vs darkside arena (you can only put out an all lightside or darkside team and depending on what you are you have to fight the opposite), Tournament (have a weekly tournament that ends and begins on the same day every week), Server vs Server (we fight the same guys over and over again and for those in the top 10 you pretty much know every single person you fight against every day. Let's do a server vs server battle where the top couple people from one server can battle the top 10 of another server), 6 player pvp (have 6 man teams instead of 5 man teams).

All of those aren't MUST happens, just suggestions. All of those can have different rewards as well. It will give more diversity to the game and it will be SO MUCH EASIER to experiment with new characters and just have more fun with your friends and the community of the game in general.

COME ON EA!!!!!!!


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