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    From a recent message on the board, people (including CG staff) has been in touch with the family and it respects their wishes. So if other like me were concerned, this is not a hoax nor something that reappears.

    As someone who first read this while puking his guts out this morning I wish it were a hoax. Then no one has to die. In so sorry Mini. I truly feel for you my friend. Struggling with a Lil leukemia here. But there's a big difference between 43 and 15. Never give up hope till theres nothing to give up Mini. Fight it. Fight it for the life you are so supposed to have. Eat anything you can every day even if its a wafer or something. I love you buddy wherever you are. Be as strong as you can be.
  • Game name changed.
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    May the force be with you
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    May the force be with you MINISNOWALKER .... the community is also with you... stay strong, keep up the fight. You're in our thoughts and hearts ❤9khtrgik545n.jpg
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    MINI is dominating my arena shard! 6 others at the moment not pictured here.

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    Would love a MINI Title

    Thoughts and Prayers with you dude

    Nate Mini Mando Tiffer
    This is the Way
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    We have same in-game names lol
  • Good Morning Everyone. Just a friendly reminder that we will doing the Charity stream this morning 10 AM EST on the Reality Skewed Gamers channel on Youtube to continue to raise money for St.Judes and MINI. Please come and join us, the link is here:

    Also we will be continue the fight for MINI on the Hynesy and Grid session, tonight 10:30 EST PM the link can be found here:

    So far the community has helped to raise $13,600!! Let's see how much more we can raise. If you can't make it and would like to donate the link can again be found here:

    Again thank you all for your continued support!!


    MINI Rangerj1999
  • I'm from Japan, but I'm supporting you so that you won't lose to cancer.2bcv1hxavw3s.png
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    sad day :(
  • You are at peace MINI,I’m sad to hear but no long suffering with cancer is a blessing,you are in my thoughts and prayers dude, mtfbwy eternally
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