Questions on how to calculate Conquest bonus in GAC

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Hey, I am trying to build out a GAC tracker sheet that would calculate the maximum number of offensive banners you could get for conquering a territory based off of GP but I can't figure out how to calculate conquer bonuses as I don't understand the formula they use. Does anyone know how to calculate it? I figured it would just be the conquer bonus divided by number of teams set but for me in division 1 of 3v3 every territory ends up with a different number if I do it that way so its clear that's now how they are doing it.

I guess also on the heels of that does CG ever change the number of teams you would need to put in a territory within a set format (3v3, 5v5, etc..)?


  • CamaroAMF
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    Conquer bonus shows in the info. 120 base plus 28 banners per defense slot.
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    Can just get that info from swgohgg if you want to track. Think they finally fixed the ship scores.

    Not sure how you are trying to format a formula for this with so many variables.
  • Forgive my ignorance but where would I find that information on swgohgg ? Also, I enjoy challenges and if I figure it out I will let you know if you're interested.
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  • Oh wow, I feel like an **** now! Lol thank you so much DarjeloSalas
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