350m GP Guild Recruiting Foundlings

We are a proudly international guild, mainly European/US based membership, home to experienced, end-game players. We are focused on pursuing all end-game content and competing in all guild-related activities. At the same time, we strive for a supportive and fun environment, keeping the drama out and the stress low. We are looking for active members who are team players, looking to have fun, improve, and help others improve. Win-at-all-costs attitudes won’t find us a good fit.


350+M GP when full

TB - full participation, KAM streaming, thorough plans posted for each phase

32 :star: DS Geo 47+ Wat Shards

26 :star: LS Geo 35+ KAM Shards

TW - Optional, but competitive, full defense plan, counters called through discord

HAAT and Pit simmed

HSR 1800 UTC

CRancor 1900 UTC


600 tickets per day is a must

CRancor team(s), KAM ready

Must have at least two GLs

Discord available

Willing to put in full TB effort always and full TW effort if you join

Still enjoy playing this game!

Let me know if I can answer any questions for you about our guild. Hope you find a great home here!


Questions/Interest contact:

Discord: Cpt Tanktop#7192 or tonyamas#6370

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