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Sector2 boss normal mod (Gas and clones)
Normal mod and the clones one hit my crew.i use padme team this is my only team can fight Gas.
im very happy iff i reach Lv3 chest but you cant let reach the chest,i dont know why you regret 5
Comm.Ashoka Tano and 4 Razor Ship shards,so THX.
Sorry i haven't got full pumped character in the game, just i can farm and Upgrade it but need a lot of time for a poor player.(sorry i cant support you to buy your cards, crystals ....)
Pls Balanced Normal mod Boss stage to playable.
Sorry my bad English.


  • Kyno
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    You still have a lot of time to work on feats to get more rewards, I am not sure what the max box you can get, but you should look at the global feats too.

    The game mode is a progressive game mode, it's designed to grind a player to a hault at some point along the path, but as you develop over time you will go further.
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