Title Update Roll Out: 06/15/2021

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Hi Holotable Heroes!

We have begun the rollout of the next title Update that contains several changes to Squad Management tools. You may start seeing these changes if you update today, but there will be a forced Update tomorrow that will require all the players to update to the latest version with the features below.

Title Update: Squad Management
Squad Tools
Organize your growing roster faster than ever with the new Squad Management tools. You will notice that the Character/Ship Inventory screen has received a visual update and we have added several new tabs on the left hand side to assist you in finding and arranging your squads.


Learn where to focus your resources next with the Recommended tab, which provides squad recommendations based on your account and Journey Guide progress. You can also find initial and advanced squad suggestions for each character in the game by tapping the new info button on that character's screen.


Create new tabs to organize your squads right from the Inventory screen. Easily move, rename or copy squads to other tabs with the tap of a button. You can even add units that aren't unlocked to help you plan for the next event or your newest squad!


You can view the mods your squads currently have by tapping the “Show Mods” toggle in the Squads screen


Leader Synergy Indicator

This update also adds a Leader Synergy indicator to the pre-battle squad screen. Now you can quickly determine if your squad's leader ability partially or completely applies to the rest of your squad members or even unassigned units in the pre-battle squad screen.


Search Changes
This update also adds a few features to the search tool. The primary change is that you can now tap highlighted Faction tags when looking at a character to go to a filtered view of that Faction in the inventory screen.

Second, the Advanced Guild search now allows you to toggle between including and excluding full guilds in advanced search results and you can see your own guild in guild search results.

  • The arrows to re-order your squads in the squads tabs are not visible during rollout of this update. This will be fixed with the forced release tomorrow.
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