Perhaps they could consider a mechanism to increase guild size beyond 50

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To incentivize guilds to develop, new content comes with increased difficulty. Power creep then pushes individuals to improve their roster or acquire new characters, but this pushes new players even further from end game content. Perhaps guild improvement could add another direction for growth by introducing a reward that allows guild size to grow beyond 50.

I'm not sure if this has already been brought up in the dev's roadmap discussions, hopefully discussion on this topic could lead to great ideas.
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    Not likely. Events and raids have been balanced for this guild size.
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    Yes, but that doesn't exclude the possibility that future events can be scaled to take larger guild sizes into account. (counter example: OG Pit, HAAT, Hoth TB, were not balanced for Relics and GLs.)

    Older events become trivial: HAAT is simmable now. So in the long term roadmap, soon-to-be legacy events like HSTR, LSGTB, can be made trivial by: power creep (relic 9+, GLs), simming, or possibly larger guild sizes, etc.

    Likely or not, it would be good to know whether increasing guild size it was on the discussion table or not.
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