Join Chairborne Rangers, currently 6.8m average GP - 8 spot open

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Chairborne Rangers (Invite only)

Spots open: 8

About us...
Timezone: US-EST (GMT-5)
No force farming
On farms/sims - 24 hours wait period:
. HPIT - sim, start immediately
. HAAT - sim, start immediately
. HSTR, rotating every 3 hours
. CPIT on farm, start immediately
30 Geo DSTB, 28 WAT shards
20 Geo LSTB, 9 KAM shards
100's GLs
Average about 25k tickets daily

Must be active - daily players only (not casual)
Must be at minimum 5m GP
Must have account
Must have GL

Here's our rules...
20 misses in 2 months of the following, get removed
. Do the quest's daily guild activities
. Generate at least 300 tickets daily
No login for 10 straight days without notifying me, get removed.
We have strike system... get 3 strikes, get removed.
. For TW, if you join, must score points
. For TB...
. Rebel action or did not follow instruction.
. Must produce minimum waves (15 DSTB, 8 LSTB)
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