Bronzium Data Cards

Does anyone reckon it could ever happen that we can buy more than one Bronzium data card at a time? I’ve got well over 200 thousand of them and I don’t mind using them. But it’s such a drag purchasing them one at a time, even if it was just 5 at a time, it would be so much easier than only ever one card at a time.


  • Please please CG, for our sanity sake, would you just make it multi-purchasable? This is literally the most time consuming, time-wasting task in this game. I can't think of any other aspect of the game that can top this.

    Is there ANY logical reason that we are expected to sit there for hours to go through hundreds of clicks? What does CG gain out of us spending time doing this zombie task?

    As a developer myself, I do not see adding a button that literally repeat an existing functionality 5 or 10x, and I just think this would be such a good QoL improvement.
  • Way back with CG_Carrie this was addressed. They can see how ally point currency there is out there to buy bronziums. They are happy that people don't bother spending the time to get them, because if all of the bronziums were bought, there would be less pressure for players to spend real money.

    Carrie said they would not consider doing the multi buy. They brought in those terrible value weekly shipment items for the currency to try and drain the resource shortly after this was said.

    That is a management team or two ago, so maybe they would reconsider this now.

    I spend them as I get them, and they are a big source of shard shop currency and low relic materials. Some people use an auto clicker, and I saw a vid once of a technic lego machine a person set up to push the button for them.
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