New Ships???

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edited June 2021
Can we please get some new ships so that we can have full fleets for each faction?

- Droid Tri-Fighter
- Droid Gunship

- TIE Interceptor

First Order
- TIE Whisper (Supreme Leader Kylo Ren)
- Major Vonreg's TIE Interceptor (Star Wars Resistance TV show)
- First Order TIE Bomber (Star Wars Resistance TV show)

- Rey's X-Wing (Rey)
- Resistance A-Wing
- Resistance Bomber
- Resistance Y-Wing


  • Richfxxx
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    I just want a tank for FO, tank for resistance and another resistance ship to complete the squads.

    If I’m feeling greedy, maybe capital ship for bounty hunters (perhaps Hondo ship?) and sith capital ship (forgotten nilihus ship name?) with two more sith ships to complete squad without taking ships away from empire squad
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