Hero bundle packages by categories

I was thinking of a suggestion for this game to help us, players, focus on some category of heroes.

Since we can't farm everything at same rate and that we usually do focus on a setup at a time for either Arena, Cantina, Light Side battles, Dark Side battles or Galactic Wars, I was thinking of asking EA to add bundles for each category of Heroes.

Maybe have 3 price points .. Like $25, $55 and $120

First Order bundle would include only FO hero shards and maybe a 3*-4* FO hero unlock..so this way, if I like FO heroes and want to make a FO setup, I could use/buy one or many of those bundles and create/train the team I really want.

Same thing goes for the other hero categories... Rebels, Resistance, Sith, Ewoks :), etc


  • They won't do that since they make more off giving you a bunch of shards in Chrome packages you can't use. Best you'll get is the current character packages.
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